Anyone interested in solid titanium encapsulated magnets?



  • LOL. poor finger!
    I know the properties of titanium, and in theory, there's no problems. But theory, often, learns a couple things after it's implemented. So i love the idea, but i don't know if i'd be the first! thanks!

  • Haha, I'm not an ideal test subject for magnets because of health, but otherwise watching for anything that becomes ideal.
  • im down to prototype. prolly in the 30-45 range as well.

  • I'd love to prototype. I could go in the $50 range.

  • got a reply from the first company I contacted. Unfortunately they don't produce prototypes and small series. Still got a few more to try. Anyone knows someone with laser-welding equipment and a bottle of argon around?

  • sadly all my welding contacts are hand welders. no laser shops I am familiar with. I am currently crowd sourcing to see if anyone knows a shop that might be able to accommodate.

  • i have yet to receive replies from the other companies, but businesses are pretty much closed around this time of the year so yeah, no surprise just yet.

  • If you do end up sourcing the means I'd be interested in prototype. I am going to be sourcing a magnet soon anyways.
  • @Fealix you may get lucky with some jewellery or glasses-repair specialist.

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