Non-tech body mods

Hello all,

I was hoping we could start a discussion on non-tech mods that folks have done or have planned. Theoretically, this thread will encourage discussion and share info/resources.

A major hurdle i have come across is a part from a handful of big name body mod artists, there is next to no information out there on body mod artists. Its all clickbait articles and listicles of botched mods.

I myself have been lusting after the ear pointing procedure since I was a little girl. holy crap, do I need it. The really frustrating part is that the folks who are /really/ well known either never respond to an email, never come to the states, or do less "drastic" ear pointing. Which makes it really difficult to make headway on this endeavor. I was really excited at the prospect of having Steve Haworth do it, until he emailed me his portfolio and I saw that he only does mild reshaping. He casually mentioned I might have better luck speaking to someone who apprenticed under him... and then disappeared into the void of the internet, to never again respond to an email.

So, what body mods are you folks going after? Any luck getting them, or are you stuck on a hurdle?


  • Have you looked into Brian Decker's work at all? He does a lot of ear pointing and has always been very responsive when I've contacted him. 
  • Ive come across his name a bunch but havent come across any of his before/afters on ear pointing. I did send an email a bit ago and never heard back, but I sent another earlier today actually.

    Thanks for the link to his tumbler!
  • You could also look into LunaCobra. He does some nice work with ear pointing, as well as ear notching, "coin slot" mods, etc...

    I myself am looking to have my ears pointed eventually, but who know's when I'll find the money for the procedure...

  • Honestly, I think this isn't the place for aesthetic mods it's not and while I guess biohacking and aesthetic body mods may seem on the surface to be similar the reasons and culture around the two are quite different people on body mod sites are really all that interested in science. And the point here is literally only tech stuff some not even body mods like wearables and nootropics 
  • @Zwytechhacker

    Fair enough I appreciate you voicing that. I figured that the "everything else" category would be an okay place to open up discussion but if this type of thread doesnt belong here I am okay with a mod deleting the thread.

    I was thinking that there may be a bit of overlap between the aesthetic BM and tech BM scene, in a certain sense they build off of each other. I wasnt trying to piss in your cornflakes buddy. My B
  • Euclidiandream Not pissed off it's just that this is the wrong place for that there are tons of aesthetic Body mod forums already that'll probs be better for any questions you have
  • @Euclidiandream I'm actually with you on this one. While there a lot of other forums where discussions like this might be more at home, I see a value in having this thread here.

    You are right, there is a lot of overlap between the biohacking and bodymodding communities. I'm extremely interested in projects like "vivokey", titanium coated magnets, crispr, etc. Yet I am equally interested in tattooing, body piercing, ear pointing, and purely aesthetic subdermal implants.

    Look at the North Sense, a device developed by biohackers yet held in place by surface bars.

    Sure, other forums may be better candidates for this discussion, but I for one am interested in seeing what other aesthetic mods members here are interested in. 
  • I agree that this is a good space for the question. You may have better luck on a body mod board, but it definitely fits in the everything else category nicely. Also it's nice to hear about projects slightly outside the scope of what everyone else is doing around here.
  • There's a guy on Instagram called Bsliceddotcom, who does a whole bunch of different body modifications - scarification, implants, ear pointing and shaping, and I recall he even removed the nipples of a customer.

    Unfortunately he is here in Australia, so probably not much help to you.

  • Hi there. Low-tech mods & augmentations are a big interest of mine. I wear a cycling rearview mirror on my glasses so I can see in front of me and behind without turning around. I've been using it for about 2.5 years now. I only take it off only when I take my glasses off: to sleep, to clean my glasses, to shower. I was interested in altering my senses in some significant way that would also be cheap and safe. It was a prereq to investing in any other sensory substitution device. I needed to be convinced that sensory substitution was possible before trying anything risky or expensive. Well my baby step of an experiment went very well and I really liked using the mirror, so I just kept using it.

    Now I'm interested in coming up with other super low-cost, low-tech mods to make body hacking and lifestyle changes more accessible. I love browsing the accessibility and/or tools categories of 3D printing repositories bc I always find cool disability related stuff that would normally be pretty expensive, but is very affordable to 3D print. Like "official" wheelchair accessories can be in the $100s. You can get Walgreens and the like generic stuff and maybe you only pay $20-50. Or! If there's a maker space in your city, 3D print somebody's free design for <$10!!
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