Orginisation of support and campaining for microchipping and trans-humanism awareness

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We need a system where we can respond to events such as the wisconsin company microchipping employees so we can comment in force correcting peoples misconceptions on social media and just general sharing of informative info. Are there any charities for this (the charity cannot sell anything itself rather just educate) if not then can we start one?


  • I was interviewed by a local radio station about the Wisconsin company. Currently, it's up to the research and contacts of news agencies to find people willing to say something in favor of implants. My friend and co-host has been the main news contact for Minneapolis/St. Paul for years after getting his NFC.

    On a local level, news agencies find people like us. On a national level, news agencies find people like Amal Graafstra, Tim Cannon or Rich Lee. There are already voices and contacts for reporters to find. We aren't a company, we are a community, so our resources are spread out and the same is true of our "Public Relations Department."

    One problem this methodology doesn't address is that roughly half of our community members are women but none of the people I listed identify as female. I'm curious if this is because the news agencies prefer to contact men or if this shortcoming is our fault.
  • @tasty can you please correct the spelling of the title of this post it's really annoying 
  • I agree that the community, and transhumanism as a whole, needs some sort of positive-slanted education group.  In the near future, some form of lobbying group dedicated to protecting the rights of all the various forms of upgrading and fighting to insure the legality of the same will be needed. 
    Sure, the information and individual support is out there for people who go looking, but I feel that sources like Humanity+ put too much emphasis on what could potentially go wrong and encourage an attitude of distrust towards up and coming technologies within general society.
  • I think the most important thing is telling people what the facts are now such as RFID chips can't access GPS
  • ...

    Please remember that "important debates" such as...

    ~ Climate change's existence
    ~ A global or flat Earth
    ~ Vaccines causing autism

    Are still are fiercely challenged and debated in the United States... by all means, present facts. But if experience with things here means anything about denying things there, facts may mean little compared to feelings or perception. C_C
  • @Zerbula which is another reason I think there needs to be an organization dedicated to putting a positive slant on these technologies.  The majority of society's views on this stuff currently comes from sources like The Matrix and Black Mirror, not to mention the Borg from Star Trek.  These things set up a cultural filter that color actual technologies in a generally negative light before they're ever developed, and I believe they hamper funding and actual development.
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