large capacity RFID chips

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What is the largest amount of data a RFID chip (implanted) the size is key here bigger the better will explain why in a later post


  • Big and commonly available RFID-tag DIEs are available up to 8kB (not implant-ready but you can build one with limited effort).
    I think the NFC standard lists up to 32kB but I have yet to see such chips in the wild.
    Your alternative is to have just an NFC interface and attach a controller and storage yourself. This will be bigger and depending on your storage size you'll only get burst reads at relatively low data rates. Best case scenario would be to use a NFC-interface+microcontroller+micro-SD (later one eats forktons of power tho). Less power intense than a micro-SD and more likely to work as desired would be to use an F-RAM chip. You can get them with 512kB for about 22 bucks. 

    So long story short, 8kB with off-the-shelf parts, 512kB if you'r good with building your own tag, and micro-sd card sized if you'r really really good with circuits and lucky on top of it.
  • fuck thats more than i thought plenty enough for what i want
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