On recent activities and a Southpaw++ wishlist

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Hello All,

A few members of biohack and I have gotten together in order to produce new implants for grinder consumption.  If all things go as planned, we will be showing off new implants sometime soon.  After this, we plan to take inspiration from the well known Northpaw / Southpaw, and add novel features and make it install-able. Its most basic form is a magnetic senor to give the user a sense of north, with data storage and a few other widgets.  The engineers and software developers at Grindhouse would like to know what you would like to see in this implantable device.  Thank you for your time.

Lucas Dimoveo


  • neural GPIO and the ability to update the software on the implant after implantation, preferably in a somewhat secure way.
  • Bumping this.  Any other suggestions thus far?
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