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So i'm an level 3 btec engineering student (UK) and next year i am going to have to do a project where i build/make something, do you reckon i could do an implant would have to be custom and something new, i was thining maybe a compass (also doing dofe) or maybe nfc payments what do people think?


  • If your implant does not directly interact with your body. Means you can cast it into a biocompatible shell entirely with no electrodes or stuff poking out, then it might be an option. But generally implants are pretty big projects. Safety requirements are tremendous as failures can be lethal. Rethink the meaning of the word "deadline".

    Also, implants often consists of many different problems you need to solve to get everything working well. I'd recommend to focus on solving just one of those and maybe demonstrating a lab-bench prototype.

    Long story short: can be done but you probably don't want to. For multiple reasons.
  • If you want to try to pioneer something and aid in a challenge most of this humble little community has, a lot of us are trying to figure out how to make biocompatable coatings for magnets, there's a lot of design constraints. ^^" Just to pander to a needed problem.

    Um, there's things going on right now like the Northsense, northpaw. We have RFID and NFC projects aplenty, but more can always exist. Supercapacators are always fun.

    Maybe designing an in vitro power generation system? ^^
    We could use quality of life mods. Many people struggle with various deficiencies or medical issues, such as diabetes. A live blood pressure monitor? Glucose monitor? Hemo monitor?

    Just trying to throw out ideas. :D
  • my mum has diabetes, had a cgm (continous glucose monitor) apparently really usefull but quite expensive and have to be replaced every few weeks
  • Maybe you want to design a CGM that's more efficient and longer lasting? Less expensive? Just ideas. Things to look into. ^^
  • I didn't get a chance to listen to this yet but I just got an email about a wearable compass using an Arduino.

    I watched the video and it doesn't look like something that would be implantable but might get some ideas from that project.

    Here's a tutorial (I didn't get a chance to read it fully yet either) for using the Arduino GY-273 HMC5883L Magnetometer.

  • There's a pretty cool YouTube video where a dude did something in the same vein as this. He made electromagnetic boots with which he walked upside down on a steel beam. It was cool as shit.
  • @Cassox it wasn't Collin Furze, was it? C_C lol

    Compasses are fun. ^^ do wonder though the idea from transferring angular data to actual sense though. A disc that buzzes at the specific angle? :o No idea what to suggest here
  • @zerbula , binary output with certain patterns probably works best. Like morsing "NE" "N" "SO" or a smaller pattern based on long and short signal periods.
  • Okay, I can dig it. .3.
  • I haven't built any working haptic compasses, not for lack of trying but the bare minimum would be a compass which simply alerts you when you first face north. That could be a single click, buzz, zap, tap or ring. The NorthSense from Cyborg Nest may operated like this, I'm not certain. I don't think it would be necessary to give a continual alert while facing north which would also draw more power.
    Adafruit has an IMU which should make programming the prototype a walk in the park compared to the math-soup of starting with a 9 DoF IMU. [Adafruit Product Page] [Arrow Product page with free US shipping]
    Don't forget a controller and battery.
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    Reminder that the Sensebridge North Paw wearable haptic compass already exists- don't go reinventing too many wheels :)

    Real, effective, implantable directional sense is the dream for many (myself included), but I think many people will be surprised by how much a compass DOESN'T work properly inside buildings or near large metal objects (cars, bicycles, etc.). I think that to get proper directional sense we will eventually have to abandon compasses and use other tech.
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