Heart rate adjusted by vibration

Has anyone experimented with adjusting the heart rate by vibrations? The idea would be to have a wearable device that vibrates at a consistent rate, and the hypothesis is that after a while your pulse would match the rate of the vibrations coming in. (Similarly to music increasing or decreasing your heart rate based on its tempo.) A practical use case I can imagine is lowering your heart rate for meditation or to help you go to sleep.


  • I've experimented with changing the brainwaves with vibrations using binauralbeats. Can't remember the outcome.
  • Heartrate isnt directly affected by the tempo of music, but the tempo usually determines what type of mood the song has. The mood of the song is what usually messes with your heart rate. (Slow sad songs, fast exciting songs, etc)

    If vibrations could affect your heart rate, you'd still have to listen to it with your ears, which might be annoying depending on what sound you use.

    Listening to music is currently one of the best ways to meditate or go to sleep. Just find some peaceful sounding music. (Might be difficult depending on what genre you listen to)

    On a slightly random note, video game soundtracks are (personally) pretty good for going to sleep.

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