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Hi, I came across this site and i was wondering if any of you guys bought a magnet from here before and if it's worth it or not to try.


  • Yeah. He does great work and the mags are ok.
  • Out of curiosity, if this seller's mags are alright. What's the fuss on about Dangerousthings?
  • @Rizomma ironically, not wanting to sell dangerous things. X3X

    Getting magnets perfect is difficult. Dangerousthings is working on getting stable, capable magnets, but they are good as well. Wouldn't have any issue saying that they are good. Just doesn't have a stock of M31s because there's no supply of consistently good ones to sell on his end.
  • That's easy to answer. They're alright, but not great. I guess I should have expounded on this.
    Hayworth magnets are coated in a thick layer of silicone. Because a magnetic field falls in strength so rapidly as you move away from the surface.. these things provide a far weaker effect then say an M31. On top of this, the silicone coating process they're using is hot. Hot enough that if you cut what was originally an N52 magnet out of the silicone and test it.. it actually has a far weaker field then you'd expect. They rate a bit lower then an N48 if I recall correctly. So, you're looking at a bigger magnet with less of an effect. An M31 is.. kind of magically really. But I still say they're ok because they'll give you a taste of having a magnetic sense and they're consistently stable. I have no interest in having one. I mean, I've experienced better but for a lot of people magnets are nothing more then a parlor trick anyhow. If you can pick up paperclips and show off to your friends then it's all good.
  • I have had a Haworth magnet in my left ring finger for over three years and it has been solid. Since then, I have installed and removed an m31 from my index finger. Yesterday, I installed another Haworth magnet and I'm excited to see how this one fares.
    A Haworth magnet is like a mini-van, it's safe, gets you where you're going and if there's a fender bender it won't kill you. The m31 is like a sports car, pure performance but a low-speed collision can spell real trouble.
    When the next phase of the m31 comes out, there will be plenty of people ready to hop in the driver's seat so it's up to you what you want to drive.
  • Do the Haworth magnets still allow you to feel magnetic fields like from a "wall wart" power adapter?

    For someone who has never had an implanted magnet before, would they be disappointed with a Haworth magnet or a similar DIY coated one?
  • Good question. I don't know. With defcon so close I haven't been able to play with this new batch but I will soon. What id like to do is make a panel with a bunch of places to place a magnet. What we can do is cover it so you have to use your magnet implant to find it. Then we can keep adding additional layers of Plexi glass to determine the distance that a person can correctly identify the location. I'm sure it'll different from person to person but we could compare.
  • Maybe we can do this next grindfest so we have a shit load of people with magnets.
  • Cass, I'm a little confused here. Or, rather, I feel I should ask something - if you were to get a magnet for implantation, which would you choose personally? (for sensing or lifting, and not just Haworth or DT magnets, just whichever you would choose). You seem to be choosing your words carefully.
  • I have had 7 Haworth's in my left hand for 5+ years and 5 Samppa Von Cyborg magnets in my right for about 4 years. I VERY much agree with the mini van comparison. The Hayworths have their place and are respectable implants. The Von Cyborgs are a Ferrari and much better quality in my opinion. I get pretty much the same sensations only to a lesser degree with the Hayworths due to the strength. I CAN lift with the Von Cyborgs not so much with the Hayworths and the sensory abilities are scaled to the strength os the magnets.

    Overall if I had to do it again I would go 100% Cyborg. Cyborgs are smaller, stronger, and less invasive. The Von Cyborg procedure is comparable to getting a piercing, while the Hayworth IS a minor surgery requiring stitches. If you want to do it RIGHT and go "balls out" my advice is contact Samppa Von Cyborg. If you want a magnet for party tricks and play get any old thing from your local guy. If you want superpowers go to Samppa!
  • To awnser your question more directly...I personally want implants that can do both sensing AND lifting. Having multiple kinds of implants I can say, I prefer a VERY strong magnet that is attached directly to tissue not floating in a bubble of silicone. The silicone feels like standard definition and "attached" is HD. For the sensation strength and procedure Samppa Von Cyborg's implants get an A+.
  • What are they coated with?
  • Probably parylene if they are attached to tissue.
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