Growth factor plus

Okay people,recently I found a new supplement called growth factor plus,I was wondering how many of the reviews are bogus,so I've decided to come here and check with you guys if anyone here has any experience with this supplement

Do give me advice on whether this works or not



  • You don't seem to be getting the subtle hint people keep dropping so I'll just say it outright. You're not going to get much taller. You certainly won't see it from a supplement and while there is a surgical option, it is brutal and quite frankly inhumane and done only by people who are looking to make a buck from someone desperate.

    Which is sort of like the people who make this supplement you're looking at. I know it's not the news you wanted to hear, but we all have things we don't like about ourselves or things we wish we could change, but physically cannot.

    You're still young (okay I'm not an old man, but younger) so you think these things matter, but trust me when I say they don't and they certainly aren't worth your health or well-being.
  • 100% OK Ironalex
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