Writing an image to RFID chip & reading it with phone

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Does anyone know how I can write an image into an RFID chip and read it by my phone? I have read someone has done it with a GIF, but I don't know how to do it. I have the T5577 chip in my hand from cybersie.me (link).
I read wiki and old posts but couldn't find any information about it. 


  • I don't know of any phones with a 125KHz RFID reader built-in. I have the same chip and all I store on it is a ten digit serial number.
    Phones are usually produced with NFC readers which work with the MultipassNFC [link] which has 888 bytes of writable data, the MultipassMifare [link], xNT [link] and flexNT [link] which each have 880 byts of writable data, and finally, the flexDF [link] with 8K of memory but availability isn't good right now.
    External readers do exist for Android devices, maybe Apple too. The one I have simply types the ten-digit serial number as though it were a keyboard.
  • OK McSTUFF, thanks for explanation. I should find a job for it! I've got the new multireader from Alex, I can do the same with it, accessible from my laptop and phone. 
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