How to find a professional to implant you & what if the only professionals around dislike implants?

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This thread was completely inspired by this incredibly educational info dump of a thread entitled "Illegal and unwanted implants" that fellow user McStuff created over here.  The picture of his hands is what makes it so iconic and meaningful.  They are just regular hands with a few unobtrusive little extras in them, all of the implants safe and sound, just chilling with his natural body parts.  It is a very moving image and combined with the casual yet logical tone of his post I really think this helps to show that implants are safe and nothing to be feared.

I just had a kind of negative experience regarding the Firefly Tattoos I am trying to get implanted and I have been looking for things to show people who are biased against implants ever since.  What happened to me was that I was looking for a professional piercer who would be willing to help me.  I did a whole bunch of research and tried to do it myself but ended up with only two small (but kind of cool) wounds on my hand.  I am not sure what went wrong, my Doctor has told me on various occasions that my skin is legitimately tough and it has bent needles whilst they were working on me before, so maybe that has something to do with it, I'm not quite sure.  

Either way, I ended up in front of a piercer at the local tattoo shop whom I thought might be willing to help me for money.  When I asked if he knew about RFID tags his reaction was decidedly negative.  He didn't know about needle based implanting and was definitely against any sort of implantation procedure which required any type of cutting and carried on to tell me how ludicrously high the chances of infection and rejection were for something like this.  At that point, I could have tried to correct him and explain that there were various types of implantation procedures, many of which are well tested and generally safe (when performed correctly and in sterile working conditions) and that all I wanted was for him to get this needle in me and depress the plunger.  But I stopped.  And I left the shop.  The guy just sounded so NEGATIVE about it that it REALLY threw me off, PLUS I didn't have anything to show him to counteract his assertions at the time.  So that is why I started this thread. : )

Maybe these are all newb questions but the community is steadily growing and I figured it might be beneficial to have all of these starter questions catalogued in a single place.  So, firstly, how can one and how should we go about finding professionals who are willing to help with implants whether they require a scalpel or a needle?  

Second, if confronted by someone who has bad information or who is prejudiced against implants should we try and inform them and correct them or is it just easier to let it go?  Does anyone have any personal experience dealing with educating or informing someone who came at you in a negative way about biohacking in real life?

And the last one is the obvious follow-up question; if the person we are talking to is open to and accepting of new information, what would be helpful to show them?  Here, I am more looking for direct links to articles that explain specific procedures or discuss the health risks and safety precautions taken into consideration before giving or getting said implants.  Here are a few examples that I would have liked to show the piercer from my story in regards to Firefly Tattoos:

Dangerous Things explanations and videos about needle based implants  (That second link is especially good as it states that most implants use materials certified safe by a national piercers association.)

tl; dr:  How does one go about trying to find professional help with getting the implants they want?  How can one educate people who are misinformed about biohacking and body mod implants?  If a piercer or other professional we wanted to get work done by is against the work we want due to information should we try and educate them or find a new professional?  What are some good places to find/what are some good links to show to those who are misinformed or who need info about implantation procedures or biohacking in general?   



  • This took way to fucking long to write, lol.  ; p
  • Sometimes piercers have a wide network of other artists they talk to so maybe you could ask your artist to ask around and see if his connections have any experience with implants. If not, maybe he would be more excited to be the first among his group. Some piercers are notoriously closed off and I hope that's not the case with your local guy.

    When I got my Firefly, the artist was pretty proud to show it off to one of his apprentices.

  • Opinions... They are like dirty secrets... Everyone has them. . ;_;

    If you present something foreign to someone, something not understood, possibly harmful... Instinct is to dislike and push away. It's a natural reaction, a self defense mechanism the same way a fear of spiders is. Not everyone will be so biased though.

    Legalities only add to the confusion. It's the law saying it's dangerous itself that further adds to a biased, or unknowing, of it being dangerous. /._./
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