Looking for a decent magnet to implant.

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Hello, i'm fairly new here, and i m looking for a magnet, i know i can buy one in dangerousthings.com and cyberise.me, but they are out of stock for a while, and looking in internet i found this one: www.wholesalebodyjewellery.com/acatalog/Silicon-Implant---Magnet---sold-individually.html#SID=246
Do someone tried to buy there or test these magnets?


  • Steve Haworth appear to be your best bet these days.

  • Does he do Australia as well?
  • Ivo you can also look into investing in the development of magnets on the site.  I'm personally organizing an effort to work on biocompatible magnets.

    Go here for more information (self advertising alert) The majority of important information can be found down the thread.
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  • @ThermalWinter
    To be honest, 18$ feels like nothing for a well coated magnet. I'm totally fine with that. 

    Wouldnt TiN be the best option? Technically it wouldnt require a second layer, right?
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    Titanium is a better biocompatible material than TiN because of a film it creates when it comes into contact with oxygen, such as in our blood, that is incredibly chemical resistant.

    If you want to know more or want to invest you can head over to my thread.

  • i am a medicine student from india
    an uk based company is already selling biocompatible, hypoallergenic, titanium encased 12000-14000 gauss neodymium magnets but, they are big in size and cannot be implanted in fingers but, they can be implanted in palm or wrist or some other suitable area in body
    we can contact this company to make biocompatible magnet encased in implant grade titanium or i would prefer the magnets to be coated in titanium gold because titanium gold is even more biocompatible beside that titanium gold is a magnetic material it can be magnetised it is attracted to magnets so it will protect the magnet from loosing its propertyhttp://www.healthandcare.co.uk/magnet-and-press-pellet-therapy/medimag-titanium-11mm-15mm-spot-magnets.html

  • On a side note regarding this last claim - 14,800 is about N52. So he's talking about maybe an N50 grade magnet. Not bad. These are too big of course but my concern would actually be about the biocompatibility of the product. I don't have the time to play with these, but if someone was interested in purchasing them and testing the coatings.. it might pay off. If this is actually neodymium iron boron coated in titanium then this company obviously has the process down.

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