Using magnetic implants to increase our number of senses beyond magnetic fields

edited June 2017 in Magnets
I have been considering the idea of using electromagnets in the form of a wristband to increase the amount of "senses" we have. Using electromagnets to create magnetic fields of certain strengths and rapidly turning it on and off to signify the detection of essentially anything would drastically increase the benefits of an implant.

For instance a circuit that detects infrared/ultraviolet waves and creates a magnetic field of different strengths and vibration frequencies that could be felt using a magnetic implant. This is only one example and the wristband could be changed to test levels of electricity/heat by touching the sensor to the desired surface and using the implant to send a specific magnetic indication that the levels of heat/electricity are unsafe to touch. This same idea can be used for anything that can be detected.

I figured I would share this idea on a thread to get a collection of ideas on the subject


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