Making graphene in bulk for cheap

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So I know a lot of you are interested in graphene. Some are under the impression that graphene is difficult to make, but that couldn't be further from the truth. I recently made a video going through the easiest process to make graphene in bulk. Hope ya'll enjoy! 



  • Looks interesting.
    But for which purpose i can use graphene?
  • Potential applications of graphene

    It has more possible uses than I imagined.  My own personal interest in it is for making supercapacitors or conductive ink.

    Robert Murray-Smith has some good youtube videos to give you ideas on uses for this.
  • If I remember correctly, and correct me if I am wrong, graphene is also bio neutral and could make a good coating for implants if done correctly.

  • And while making graphene in bulk is relatively easy, the hard part is making the graphene the highest quality possible with nearly zero resistance.

  • Pencil sharpener and some sticky tape... ^_^

  • Graphene would make a terrible coating for an implant actually. Getting a perfect layer that's required on anything is nearly impossible with current tech. And even then, it'll do essentially no good because it's a single atom thick. Strong or not, nothing that's 1 atom thick is very strong when met with macroscopic objects. There's lots of great implant coatings already, no need to try and throw graphene at everything.

  • i was thinking of using multiple layers of graphene for the coating

  • @chironex said:
    There's lots of great implant coatings already, no need to try and throw graphene at everything.

    Not that it's a good idea, but there really aren't that many good coatings, at least not practical.

  • There are plenty of good coatings. Most here just like grunge and don't want to pay someone to do it for you properly and want to diy it, in which case, ya there are only so many that can be diy'd. But if you contact a manufacturer, most are happy to coat things in whatever you want. Just make sure it's double or triple coated (TiN, parylene or TiN, parylene, gold) and then you don't need to worry about messing around and trying to do it yourself, or the micro holes that plague single coated magnets.
    Also unless you have a kiln with inert gas shielding, you're not coating anything in graphene. And "many layers of graphene" is called graphite just FYI.
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