Updated - Grindfest 4 - You're doing so good.

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Dates: April 13, 14, 15

Procedural Intensive on April 11, 12 by prior arrangement.

Location: 19445 Adalante Court, Tehachapi CA, 93561

For more information go to: Augmentationlimitless.com


There's going to be an eventbrite page soon as well.

Please let me know if you have any questions/concerns etc. For those who've never been before and will be flying in, it's a good idea to get on the slack board and talk to others about ride sharing etc. If you'd like to present at Grindfest or have a particular project you'd like to collaborate on, please let me know.
If you want a procedure performed, try to hit me up as best you can.
Bring your friends. Thanks!


  • Ok, so this week I'm determining the date. We're discussing it on the slack boards right now. I'm leaning towards 4/13, 14, 15. I'm going to give it a week before I decide. If you have any input let me know. Also, we have a special guest planned although I haven't decided if I want to make it public or not.
  • Has a date been pinned down yet @cassox?  And whats the rough location of the event? Definitely want to try and attend, and that info would help me find out if its feasible.
  • Do you guys have a date set? I may go next year. Defcon is too expensive .

  • Yeah. It is going to be 4/13, 4/14, and 4/15

  • gotta see if i can make it this year with my calendar already looking crazy for next year

  • Where will information be posted? I'd really like to make it this year, I need to plan ahead since I teach.

  • There is a section on grindfest on augmentationlimitless.com.. and if you'd like to be on the mailing list you can sign up there.
  • Shameless bump. So, GF4 is getting close. If you want to get involved we need volunteers. Jump onto the Grindfest thread in slack. Also, if you want to get any procedures performed please contact me ahead of time so I can put you on the list.
  • Here's some information from the slack channel:
    Site: https://augmentationlimitles.ipage.com/?page_id=335
    Dates: April 13-15, 2018
    Location: Tehachapi, California (nothing more detailed than that, right now)

    For information updates, join the mailing list at Augmentation Limitless.

    Note: signup may silently fail if you have tracking-blockers installed. Like in Firefox, I couldn't sign up until I disabled Tracking Protection.

  • Howdy. Ok, so I updated the initial post on this thread. Take a look. Any questions or anything?

  • So stuff we need: folding tables and chairs. We need like 4 more tables and a shit load of chairs
  • If you have any projects you need coated in a biocompatible layer bring it.
  • For people who want to come up and help prep for grindfest, we'll be working 3-20, 21, and 22 at the lab. It's like a barn raising! Except an awesome new greenhouse instead.
  • I'm ready to book flights for Jesika & I. Which date should we fly in for? We'll have to leave on the 15th.

  • Hey Russ. The event is 4/13, 14 and 15. Some folks are going to come up a little earlier.. 11 or 12. Whatever works best for you.
  • Reminder.. this year is media friendly. NY times, Gizmodo, etc. Are sending crews. If you don't want to be filmed or have something you don't want known about yet let me know please. Also, if you want a magnet implanted it's a good time and these new magnets are the best I've seen.
  • You can register for Grindfest!
    Registration: RSVP and donate on the Grindfest Registration page

    It's going to be great to see everyone again and make new friends as well.

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    Rideshare is getting coordinated in the slack channel. Schedules are getting finalized. It's happening next week! muppet flail

    Updates will be found on:

    grind-fest and #grindfest-rides channels in Slack https://grindsyndicate.slack.com/signup

    http://biohack.me forums (this thread!)

    Grindfest 04 page http://augmentationlimitles.ipage.com/?page_id=659

  • Procedural Intensive starts today. Welcome to Grindfest!
  • Have i great time everyone. I'm bit on the other side of the planet but don't let that stop you from doing awesome stuff! Be sure to snap pictures and take notes so everyone can catch up with you.

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