Grindfest 4 - You're doing so good.

GF4 - You're doing so good.
Ok, so I think everyone had a blast at 3. Man, we only actually did like 1/2 of what was planned and it was still super busy. So this next year I want to seriously focus on projects. I figure that we should treat it primarily as an open lab with lots of educational opportunities. Make sure to bring along anything you're working on. I want to have a new device completed before then and I'd like to be able to instruct people regarding the entire sequence.. how to make the device.. how to program it... how to implant it. So we've talked many times about an alarm implant. This is going to be my focus. I have some pacemaker electrodes coming which I'm going to use in order to determine the best signals to serve as an alarm. It's going to be fun.

In terms of a theme.. I'm leaving it wide open. I'd like to put focus on food actually. Cyberlass took care of damn near all the logistic this last year and did a fantastic job. This year, I'd like to have intent behind it. I'm working on a Biohacker Nutrition guide right now. I'm going to try to tie in each meal to make a narrative out of it. If anyone wants to take responsibility for a meal let me know.

I figure after dinner each night, we'll have one event. Everyone seemed super into the knife fights so I'm going to make an updated version of it. I also want to make a maze like killhouse so we can actually put the paintball guns to use. I'd like to re-explore some of the events from GF2, like the ganzfeld stimulator etc. Maybe another round of "Secret Satan?" Another idea I have is to have a serious set up for star gazing. The stars are fantastic in the desert and it's a good excuse to sit out in the dark and bullshit with lasers. I'm going to try to make a gigantic super hammock.

Other potential things... there's a lake really close by. If there were enough people with Aquatic projects we could go out an have a little bbq one night. We could have a breath holding contest where we pre-administer o2 etc. Let me know if you've got any projects in mind for something like this. I for one have always wanted to do a liquid breathing project -

But getting back to the point.. I really want to get some serious work done this next year and the best time to start is now. If you have any projects you'd like to start collaborating on now with the intent of having complete and implanted within a year.. please jump in.


  • Ok, so this week I'm determining the date. We're discussing it on the slack boards right now. I'm leaning towards 4/13, 14, 15. I'm going to give it a week before I decide. If you have any input let me know. Also, we have a special guest planned although I haven't decided if I want to make it public or not.
  • Has a date been pinned down yet @cassox?  And whats the rough location of the event? Definitely want to try and attend, and that info would help me find out if its feasible.
  • Do you guys have a date set? I may go next year. Defcon is too expensive .

  • Yeah. It is going to be 4/13, 4/14, and 4/15

  • gotta see if i can make it this year with my calendar already looking crazy for next year

  • Where will information be posted? I'd really like to make it this year, I need to plan ahead since I teach.

  • There is a section on grindfest on and if you'd like to be on the mailing list you can sign up there.
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