HDPE coating

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im planning to use hdpe to coat my parylene coated magnets, any ideas on this one lol. if i melt plastic pags and make a mold around the magnet, could it be that simple? a


  • tldr; no could not be that simple.

    You'd end up with a thin plastic bag around your magnet... at best. Chances are you'r not able to properly seal it. I doubt it'll stick to the parylene either so it would be a structurally weak and wobbly thing.

    Nothing is wrong with HDPE as such, but you'd want it to properly stick to the magnet. If anything i'd suggest you'd make two independent shell-parts, top and bottom and glue them in place. Then carefully trim off excess glue and then ultrasonic-weld another HDPE stripe over the gap of the shells. Or something along those lines.

    Feel free to experiment and share your results. Just don't be foolish enough to stuff the early results of your experiments into your body. We've had enough failed magnet coatings in the past years and there is no need to add to the list.

    You may also be interested in FEP. Bit harder to optain than HDPE but also worth a try.
  • I doubt PVC is biocompatible for long term implant use but something like PVC cement might work to make a thin coating over the magnet.  Not sure if it would stick to the parylene but would be easy enough to check.  I think the can of PVC cement I had dried up or I'd try it just to see if it sticks to a parylene coating.

    The melted plastic idea sounds interesting to me.  Possibly worth experimenting with.
  • Could it be printed ?

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    pure PVC itself is mostly inert. Most commonly it's full of additives to make it more stable and soft. Those often cause inflammatory response and under undesirable stuff. So better don't try those either.

    PTFE, HFEP , PE, PP and PMMA , all in their purest forms, are possible candidates. PMMA might be interesting cause it's rather easy to get hands on and can be cast.
  • yeah ill tinker whit the hpde and other plastics and ill get you some test result in a week or so:)  
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