Modafinil / Adrafinil source

hey all, just wondering if any one is willing to share a source to buy modfinil or adrafinil online? been looking but i cant find anything thats reliable.


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    Where do you live, again? Sorry, not been paying attention.
  • Afinil express works
  • I would recommend reading about adrafinils affect on your liver before taking it. The doses you have to take to get the same results as moda can cause serious problems.
  • I'm in the LA area. I've taken some adrafinil from a @cassox and I found I had some good effects with it.

  • I've been looking to try moda for some time now, anyone know of a source in Canada or a source that's decent at getting some into Canada?

  • Duckydose is a good source. On time, and reliable. Discount if paid in BtC

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    I generally get all my adrafinil from nootropicsdepot. Great quality and ships to just about everywhere.
    As said above, it's true that adrafinil is harder on your liver than moda although the extent to which is often exaggerated. Never hurts to be careful though so I would recommend taking milk thistle (silymarin) with it as this will help negate any potential danger.

  • I live in the Los Angeles county and have purchased mass amounts of Modafinil and modvigil from Afinil Express. Customs was no issue purchasing these pills
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