Why so many "I have been secretly chipped" threads recently?

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I am opening this thread to ask what do you think about the recent surge of "I have been chipped against my will" threads? Do you have any idea about why they suddenly started appearing? I know that they are probably fake or at least not really useful to the community.


  • No hard idea. A few guesses tho. For one i don't think they are all fake. They appear to follow a certain psychological patterns. Seems like many of those which popped up appear to suffer physical pain from a mental condition and try to explain it ... somehow. They probably got passed around certain circles for a long time and came by a lot of conspiracy crap where they got more weird ideas. Might very well be possible that a link to the forum hangs around in one of those forum/boards/whatever it is. Guess you could pm the people in question if they don't wanna answer on the public.
    Would be interesting to know tho.

    Long story short: not a clue.
    But I'd like to keep up our open and scientific approach of listening to each of them and helping them to educate themselves. This includes listening to everything they experience, finding casual logic explanations, pointing out possibilities/probabilities and impossibilities as well as offering advice on how to proceed to pinpoint the source of their problem and possible solutions and further help.

    Everything else would just play into the hands of trolls (if there are any), or would be counterproductive and not helping a person in need. 
  • Agree with everything you say, thomas. If this keeps up I'l happily help write a "SO you've been nonconsenually chipped" sticky...
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    I see. I agree with you. When I said "fake" I was referring to them being chipped (as I don't think they are really chipped) not their belief of being chipped (I think that they really believe that)
  • Very well then. Not that it got us any closer to your original question tho. 
    @Helyx if you need help for the technical explaining and maybe some rough math numbers lemme know.
  • It's just a thing. I remember seeing videos on youtube a decade ago with a guy running a bug detector over someone and "finding" 2 bugs. They didn't show removal but the guy apparently had a large following of people who believed the government, the Illuminati, or even their crazy ex had microchipped them. The best part was that they compared it to an animal microchip which can do no more than store a tiny bit of information but these people were seeing people following them and all sorts of other paranoia that would immediately put you on a list as a psychiatrists office. This is just a bunch of those people googling around and finding this forum.
  • Could it be that the existence of these threads mean that we show up on Google when people search?
  • Maybe because I just did schizophrenia and the internet is trying to give me examples? :P

    Jokes aside, I would just think that it's a co-incidence (and it's not really that clustered either: I've only replied to one and I can't remember when I last came across another thread) plus the fact that those people would be looking for confirmation of their beliefs. And we're probably the closest thing in reality to their delusions.
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    There's also this... 

    Edit: click "this" ^
  • Some of the people in that video reminded me of a woman I knew who had severe Lyme’s disease. It went untreated for years but her doctor finally figured out what it was. Lyme’s is a disease that deteriorates your brain and she was fully aware that her mental state was eroding and would continue. She learned that before the disease got bad.
    She had become a hoarder and it was as bad as they show on television. In her lucid moments, she could admit that her paranoia was a symptom, not a justifiable fear. The difference between her and the people in this show is that she knew exactly what was afflicting her.
  • @McSTUFF Lyme's Disease isn't fun... Had my own crazy experience with that over the last few years.
  • I almost think we should build an x-ray machine and a shielded room and charge admission.
  • That could be fun. I agree that a sticky thread of some sort needs to be made, where all of this can be dealt with centrally. 
  • @TheGreyKnight I agree, but I doubt people would actually pay attention and use the proposed thread. For example, look at the discussions in "Site Suggestions". heh....

  • This really is a problem though. I've posted about on another thread, but this is a real condition that I find particularly disturbing. It's essentially a version of something called delusions of parasitosis, kind of like morgellons disease. These are psychiatric conditions that are remarkably hard to treat wherein someone becomes convinced they are infested with something (again, usually a parasite, but the concept holds). They will seek out every specialist under the sun and refuse to seek out psychiatric evaluation. Medication has been found to be very effective, but many never accept that route. They tend to present evidence (called a match box sign because it's usually presented in small containers), and have picked at their skin and seen multiple medical providers. It's very tragic and I've seen it first hand. I can't recall all the information from the article I read about how it's best handled, but it can't be encouraged and it shouldn't be attacked either. In my opinion, I think it would be best to develop an informed and responsible response to people that come here looking for reinforcement of those ides. Opinions?
  • Agreed. We can affirm their ideas on one hand. Can't argue back either since that'll just push them away.

    Hence why I tell them that they are distressed / anxious (which are usually true) and they should see a doctor.
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    I don't know. If I seriously believed I had a non-consensual implant, or an alien parasite, or whatever, someone telling me I was anxious would probably just feel super patronizing and make me even more anxious.

    Unfortunately, I don't think there is anything at all we can do, as strangers on the internet. People are going to choose to believe what they already believe, and they will end up just going to some other forum for "Targeted Individuals" or whatever to further reinforce those beliefs.

    You can't argue this sort of belief with science, either as "they" (who or whatever did the implant) just have some sort of secret futuristic magic science that breaks the laws of physics that we don't know about yet.
  • Only if you add that their belief is false and they are "only anxious".
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    As @Helyx suggested, we could use a sticky post to alert people coming here. I drafted one myself but I think it would be better if we wrote this together since I can come off as rude, grating, or condescending without realizing it. All constructive feedback is welcome.

    If you think you have received an implant against your will or without consent, please read the following as it should shed light on what we can and cannot do here.

    The implants we employ here at Biohack.me are commercially available and widely published or we make them ourselves. They include small ID chips with a range less than 10cm which means that no one can read them unless they are practically touching us. Another popular implant is a magnet. These are most commonly implanted in the fingertips for the purpose of sensing magnetic fields. Sometimes they are implanted in the tragus so we can discreetly listen to our music or phone calls but this setup also requires an inductive loop to be worn around the neck which requires significant power and has a range of less than 25cm. There are also some cosmetic implants which put lights under the skin.

    All of these technologies have been tested, researched, scrutinized, tested again, taken apart, and destroyed by us to know exactly what we are putting into our bodies.

    These implants use some cutting edge technology. We have repeatedly found that sending or receiving information from implants this small requires the transmitter to be close enough to touch. Batteries cannot be made small enough to sustain implants for very long, maybe a couple days.
    The implantation procedure cannot be done without the cooperation of the person getting the implant. After an implant, there is a noticeable wound and an obvious bulge.

    Every implant appears plainly on ordinary X-rays.

    Researchers at highly-funded universities have been investigating more powerful implants for years but what I have just outlined is the extent of what can be installed without major surgery.

    If you believe you have an implant which doesn’t match these criteria please tell a psychiatrist since that is the next logical step and we are people who believe in following logical steps.

    If you are still concerned, please answer the following questions.
      • Can your implant be seen on an X-ray?
      • Can another person feel the implant under your skin?
      • Has a medical doctor checked the implant site?
      • Does the implant stop functioning when you are underground, like a subway or a sub-basement?
      • Does the implant use technology that can be explained by educated people?

    If the answer to any of these questions is “No,” then the next logical step is finding psychiatric help. If you follow all the steps outlined by a psychiatrist and still have questions then ask us your questions.
    I could also attach a picture of my hand x-rays which have obvious implants.
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    Talking about x-rays. Look to the left at my profile picture, between the metacarpals of thumb and index finger, (near the wrist/palm area). That bright spot there is a tiny RFID implant. About the smallest thing you can get. It doesn't even interact with the body. Yet it's clearly visible on the xray even in thumbnail size. 
    The full resolution pic even shows things like the outer shell and the transceiver coil. And the xray was taken by a veterinarian with pretty old-school equipment (they needed to take a test-xray after repairing the xray apparatus). 
  • I'm not sure. Delusions are defined as firm false beliefs that are there despite evidence to the contrary. No amount of logic or evidence can convince them.

    I opt for the option of acknowledging how they are feeling (do they sound anxious - most likely case? Or scared?) and try to convince them maybe they should see a psychiatrist for that instead. Trying to convince them is impossible. This is how we are taught in med school, by psychiatrists.
  • Fun thought.. while the vast vast number of people claiming this are delusional.. what if? I mean if you look at types of things the us government has done in the name of research in the past? It's crazy..Right?
    I think a sticky post has to address this.. and the answer is that we still wouldn't be of any use. A recipient would be closely monitored right? Unless the assumption is that there's some agency just implanting these things Willy nilly.
    It's similar to talking about nano technology and implants undetectable through imaging.. is there a possibility? Sure. But then what use are we? It's obviously something so far beyond us that we can't really help.

    Well maybe.. ? I wonder if there are any research studies going on about these type of delusions? It's got to be next to impossible to study because those who believe they've been Implanted wouldn't trust a researcher. I wonder if we could do some kind of collecting of data?
  • @cassox physics still applies to nano tech. You still need to power those buggers and they still need to send/receive data via means that can be easily measured with the right equipment.
  • Oh no need to convince me of that. I'm just rambling. My point isn't that I buy into it, but rather that even if I did... What do people expect us to do about it?
  • I don't have any good ideas of what to do to help these people but a tiny bit of online searching will show WHY these people are coming here for help.

    Turns out, according to my limited research, that Neodymium magnets are recommended for detecting and nullifying the implants. 

    Here's a quote from one site:

    Seek the Lord on
    where you have them and He will guide your thoughts and lead you where to
    put the magnets.

    Since this forum talks a lot about both implants and magnets, you would think the members here would be able to help detect and destroy or remove the unwanted implants.

    Of course they should soon realize that this group is filled with people who are getting implants on purpose.  They probably just move on to other web sites more focused on their own "problems".

    Magic and magnets might fix what doctors can't or won't.

  • Pointing them away into the direction of more misinformation wouldn't be the right thing to do in my opinion.

    Fun fact, magnets wouldn't detect implants and even less so, disable them. I mean you can put your smartphone with way more delicate electronics on a friggin huge magnet and it does pretty much nothing.
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    Sorry, guys.. I'm probably partially at fault on this. In another thread @Rocca8620 was asking about the security of an implantable Mifare chip.. One of my replies got onto the subject of RF shielding; coincidentally, this is exactly what "I got implanted with nanites against my will and now I'm being stalked by a mob of government agents" types are into. Their theory is that whatever device(s) is/are victimizing them can be undermined by avoiding EMF, but of course then it gets super cray-cray. 

    VICE did a piece on this subculture recently: https://bit.ly/2saHQxO Essentially, it's a phenomena that grew out of the social media invasion and conspiracy theories surrounding MK-ULTRA (which grew out of the mass availability of declassified documents on government web sites--cia.gov is full of them.) While I have no doubt that governments perform top-secret tests on the willing and unwilling, it's hard to believe it reaches anywhere near the scale of what/how so many people are claiming nowadays. The only real piece of evidence I've ever seen such folks produce is the notorious patent for voice-to-skull technology: https://www.google.com/patents/US6470214   
  • Amal wrote this about a year ago.
    I think this sums up what we are trying to say and he does it with authority and sincerity.
  • That write up by Amal was great.  I especially liked the description about dreams mixing with reality since I had experienced that before.

    I was never diagnosed or treated but I now feel it was caused by stress and from listening to shortwave and internet preachers like Harold Camping and all the other conspiracy information.

    After surviving Y2K and at least a couple raptures, I became sceptical of everything.  I'll still listen to Coast to Coast AM or other conspiracy or UFO type shows but take it all with a large lump of salt now.

    While my experience was not exactly like those claiming to have been secretly implanted, it was basically the same thing.  Someone or a whole group of people offering a wild explanation to explain the cause of your problems.

    I'm not sure Amal's information would have helped at the time but it wouldn't have hurt.
  • Agree with a Sticky. It also helps to establish What an implant is, and what we expect it's capabilities to be, for novice comers to the forum who would have expectations or goals for their abilities or accomplishments with such devices. ^^
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    In one of those threads, someone posted this link to an excellent FAQ response to this problem from Dangerous Things. It's compassionate, comprehensive, and offers good advice. I'd recommend that the sticky point to it. 

    Edit: Just saw that McSTUFF posted the same link a couple comments up
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