Scihouse: Makerspace and Biohacking lab now open!

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Hi All! So we never did a big announcement, so I figured now was as good a time as any. Myself, Glims and a few others recently got together to form Scihouse. As the title says, it's a Makerspace and Biohacking lab based out of Jacksonville, Florida. We decided to go the makerspace route because we want to provide tools and information to the community in a way that schools and other resources just can't. We currently have 3 rooms, a wood/workshop, and electronics shop and a bio/chem room. We'll be hosting classes and workshops pretty regularly on a wide variety of topics. Our first one will be an intro to plant biology, but we'll have some on wearable tech, nanotech and more over the next few months

In the bio/chem space, for the time being we'll be doing mostly macrobio, but we'll be adding microbio, genetics and nanotech as we get more equipment. In terms of electronics we've already got a bunch of radio equipment as well as all the usual arduino/ raspberrypi stuff and little components. And of course we have a 3d printer. It's a very pretty delta for those curious.  

Not only will we be able to provide all this to the local community, it also gives us a chance to finish a lot of the work we already started. We'll be doing a massive amount of work in bioremediation, biomaterials and nanomaterials. You've already seen the leather materials we've been making using bacteria and we've got a lot more stuff like that in the pipeline. Beyond that there are some huge pieces of contaminated land that we've been eyeing for some major bioremeidation projects. And of course lots of fun genetics/nano projects in the works as well. 

To help expand our tool library and to help maintain the space we already have, we recently started a gofundme campaign. We would really appreciate any and all support at any level you feel comfortable. Even if that's just sharing it around.

That's all for now. If any of ya'll are in Florida, feel free to drop by and see the space or come work on some projects!

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  • y u gotta be so far away

  • You could always road trip over!

    Also we just put out a video of the highlights from our last meetup. Did a bunch of demos. Was a good time. Check it out: LINK
  • Did someone say florida? Assuming I don't get too bogged down, I am totally going to come visit. It's damned near time I finally meet more of y'all in person.
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