potential source for TiN coated magnets!!!

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so since the m31 is still backordered, i might have found a producer and seller for TiN coated magnets:))


  • had to post these seperately cus the site is buggy lol cant pop the keyboard so im copy pasting these lol
  • Unfortunately, finding someone to make them has never been the issue. I've had a batch made from ten different companies. DT has had probably as many made and I know the rediculous amounts that have been spent trying to get a dependable unit. Cyberise me.. same thing. Many attempts. McSpanish.. same thing.

    If you'd like to do some testing on these, please do, but I've given up on TiN.
  • So, does anyone know about the process used to magnetize the neodymium after it's been sintered? It seems to me that all we need to do is buy unmagnetized NdFeB pellets in the right size, coat, then magnetize. I don't really have the connections, capital, or lab equipment to produce magnets this way, but I'd be more than happy to at least attempt prototyping it. @ThomasEgi had a magnet levitator prototyped for the coating process, and @chironex has worked with vacuum chambers, magnetrons and coating equipment, so I can't imagine setting up a small scale system could be that difficult.

    Looking forward, do we have any thoughts on what a better coating option is?
  • Said levitation protoype would certainly work for parylene based processes. Maybe we should aim for more crazy ideas. Maybe adapting some processes from 3D printing and use laser based sintering to create a metal shell. Stainless steel might work for tests. Maybe in combination with electropolishing for a smooth surface.
  • If anyone has experience with ceramics, Al2O3 has shown some promising results when used in conjunction with parylene.
  • DOI 10.1007/0-306-46918-9_19  has some pretty good starting points. Looks like PTFE and FEP can be deposited in thin adherent film on quite a number of substrates including nickel and gold. The used power densities suggest that temperatures involved should be reasonable, maybe workable with just minimal cooling involved.
  • Picked up a batch of 10 magnets from armstrong last week, magnets themselves were strong however the coating had plenty of noticeable holes, receipt shows the magnets were coated in china.
  • Interesting. Can you stick one under a microscope and take pics?
  • Closest thing I have to a microscope is my phone, so I apologise for the lack of quality in the photos. Dial-up warning:


    I've got some FDA2T on the way so I'll try coating one and see how it goes.
  • I've been gone for a while. Jeez. This is still where we're at?

    I had hoped we'd have a reliable source of TiN magnets by now. What about Grindhouse Wetware's new thing? Was that ever released? The one after the hand LED thing.
  • These guys apparently do custom coating: https://www.first4magnets.com/search/all-products#t52:t79:c34:t137

    I have contacted them. They do PTFE among other things.

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    I have spoken with a rep at Firstt4Magnets. He cannot tell me much but says that they do have very stringent quality control and have the magnets coated themselves (so not cheap chinese things).

    They do them in batches of a thousand but are willing to do an order for 100 or so.

    He is currently checking with the technical team to give me a price and lead time estimate on TiN coated ones.

    Would anyone be interested in doing a group buy maybe?

    If you cang give me any questions w.r.t quality control or the coatings themselves, I would be happy to pass them on and report back.

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    Hi Everyone, First4Magnets got back to me.

    The minimum order quantity would be 100 magnets and we would be looking at a price of £2.74 per magnet (ex. VAT). I think VAT in the UK is 20% and so with the current USD/GBP price of 1.28 we are looking at approx. $3.80 a magnet all inclusive (ex. shipping and handling).

    The estimated lead time for Production would be 6 weeks.

    The magnets will be coated in TiN. (If you want to know more about this, please give me questions so that I can pass them along. I am not 100% sure, myself, on what to ask.)

    Anyone interested?

    I, myself have two concerns as I have never done a group buy like this before:

    1. Not sure about distribution and import duties. I think it would make sense to have someone in the UK dispatch them individually? So everyone is in charge of the cost of postage and import duties in their own country? I do have a friend in the US who could do that if the majority of people are there but that would add shipping and import to the US onto the price.
    2. I have no way of knowing what the final result will be. Will they even be implantable? I am going to try and organise a sample. Could anyone test the magnet and confirm? I know nothing of this. If we did a blind buy, I doubt we could request a refund (should they prove not to be implantable) as the magnets are not really sold for the purpose of implantation?
  • I have created a registration form if anyone would like to register their interest, provisionally.

    I will contact everyone when we reach 100 to confirm final costs and intent.


  • I'd be down to grab a couple. US here

  • Thanks Nathan. Would you mind adding your info to the sheet? Makes it easier to keep track of things.

  • Hi Nathan, I see someone added their details, not sure if that was you? I noticed that the formula was not working properly on the total/postage calculation. I fixed it :)

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    Just added info to the sheet

  • Okay everyone. The minimum order has been fulfilled. I am going to request an official quotation from the supplier and work out your individual shipping costs. I will then send you each a 'quote' with your requested quantity on through the course of today and you can confirm your order. If everyone is still happy with their order I will provide my paypal so that we can get this going.

  • i just realised that someone from Antigua and Barbuda has put in an order for 10 magnets, but not put any other details. Please could you update the sheet with a name or something so that I can contact you. Or PM me here.

  • If any of you tried to amend the sheet, you may not have been able to. I screwed up the permissions. It is fixed now.

  • What size and what power are these magnets?

  • @earJAY said:
    What size and what power are these magnets?

    Hi earjay,

    • 3mm diameter x 1mm thick
    • +/-0.1mm tolerance
    • Each magnet's north and south pole are on opposite 3mm diameter faces
    • Each magnet can support a steel weight of up to 0.19kg vertically from the magnetic face when in flush contact with a mild steel surface
    • Excellent resistance to de-magnetisation
    • Titanium Nitride coating
  • Hi Everyone,

    I got the final pricing from the supplier, it has gone up a tiny bit. Please check the pricing on the sheet.

    If you are still happy with the price and would like to confirm your order, please go to the sheet and choose 'YES' on the far right.

    We still have a problem with 10 magnets that were claimed by an anon, with no contact details.

    As soon as everyone has confirmed their orders, and the 10 magnets have been accounted for, I can send out the final mail.

    I would cover the cost of the 10 myself however the whole point of this group buy was so that we could all get affordable magnets. If I added the 10 onto my order, I may as well buy a Sammpa Von Cyborg magnet and be done with!


  • This still going? I'm filling out a sheet shortly.

  • If the unclaimed 10 don't show up I would be happy to buy one of them
  • hi. Can i else but few magnets?

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