Are matrix-like through skin ports/connectors possible?

If you have ever seen the matrix you'd know that in the real world they have thru skin plugs that let them interface with the matrix. Is that possible? can you have a port that connects to sub-dermal circuitry that pokes up through the skin? I'd imagine not because there would have to be an edge some where right? And that could lead to infection or things getting under your skin... right? Or am I wrong? I mean, if it was possible you'd probably want some sort of dust cover to keep debris out of the port, but I image you could do a lot with that sort of technology! I mean, one of the big hurdles I see with a lot of potential sub-dermal devices is the inability to simply and efficiently charge power hungry devices, and I imagine that you could do a lot more, like have nerve connected sensors that send data to external devices, like say, an experimental robotic prosthetic or for faster computer interfacing.


  • There are several threads on this topic already on the forum, but short answer is no, not with the current limits of technology.  
  • Btw, it's actually pretty easy to deliver a lot of power across the relatively thin skin. Even the low-power variants of Qi can handle 5 Watt already. You can probably reach several hundred watts without too much engineering trouble. Question is where to put all that heat your implanted devices would generate.

    So, long story short: yes it is theoretically possible. But there are quite a bunch of issues to pull it off practically. There are better alternatives unless you need massive parallel direct neural interfacing (which you most likely won't )
  • less Matrix, more eXistenz:
  • Actually, there was a project already done exploring this I believe. I'll try to find it but someone was playing around with hydroxyapatite on transdermals.
  • Ok, I can't find the thread but I'm pretty sure it was Chironex who made it. If I remember right it was a coating of hydroxy appetite and something else. The metal wasnt honeycombed or full of gaps like TAP, but the coating was. Maybe he'd be able to steer you in the right direction.
  • This thread? LINK Ya me and glims were working on that. Was based on chitosan, ECM and hydroxyapatite. It got put on the backburner so we could get our new place set up. Weren't you the one who implanted the test implant into his arm?

  • I'm not sure. I could of sworn I saw a video where you had it in someone for a week and then pulled it. Either way cool work.
  • Yeah, that was pretty much the idea.
  • His implants don't work though. That coating is plasma coated on and it doesn't do any better than the control. The idea was that the hydroxyapatite would help encourage connection, not be the only thing the cells can connect to. You need a matrix for them to grow into. Hence the chitosan. I think most of this was discussed in that thread.
  • I love this place.

    Cassox: Wasn't there a thingy?
    Chironex: Yeah, this thingy. Didn't you stick it into someone?
    Cassox: I thought you stuck it in someone. Cool.

    Like... only on Biohack. ~3~

    Sorry for the interjection. Also, wondering if the skingun has any relevance in this, maybe? For seeding a matrix and local area with stem cells? :o

    Have been meaning to bring up the skingun in a thread... But work and UC has kept me pretty busy. ~3~ also, maybe a tiny bit lethargic.
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