Indium/Gallium coating for various things, would it work on teeth? Skin? What other properties?

This is not technically an implant, though I can see it having a few applications.

Indium and Gallium, when put into contact, produce a type of liquid alloy. You can then "paint" things with this alloy and it gives them almost a type of mirror surface.

For purely cosmetic reasons, can this be done to human teeth? What are the risks potentially involved?

On other areas, does it stay on the skin? Could it be used to "tattoo" things? Does it have any magnetic properties? Sorry I am a n00b at this particular reaction and have not really seen it used too much but think it might have some fun applications in biohacking, most of them probably cosmetic. I'm unsure the safety of it, though.

I've read a few things and I think it HAS been used in dentistry before, but with some kind of mix of tin or other stuff. 

If it could be made at home easily, I'd personally experiment with it, for the cosmetic aspect and maybe some others. I also wonder if it is conductive. Perhaps if it is not very toxic it could be used to tattoo "circuits" onto skin? Just throwing some ideas out there, they might be trash :)


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  • Neat stuff.
    If you're unsure about the safety of a chemical or compound try searching "MSDS <chemical name>"
    Indium MSDS [LINK]
    Gallium MSDS [LINK]
    Of course, once the metals combine their properties could change drastically but it looks like gallium, by itself, will mess up your eyeballs. I didn't search much for the alloy but one source indicated that the alloy could still be corrosive to metals.
    As a paint, I don't see how it would adhere since it would remain liquid in a liquid state.
    More research will be necessary to see if this would be viable for long-term contact with a person. A tattoo with this stuff would be pretty fucking metal.
    Don't take my pun as an endorsement to tattoo yourself with liquid metal.
  • @McSTUFF that was pun-ishing. ;~;

    Seconded, heavy metal poisoning and toxicity are the first things that come to mind. X^X
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