Immunofluorescent imaging, nanoparticle systems and preparing NHS fluorescein

Another week another video. This one comes from my time in university and from my work on my firefly system. It starts by covering immunofluorescent imaging and then goes into how that's being used to target and visulize tissues/cancer in the body. It finishes with the first steps in making an immunofluorescent system and the modification of fluorescein so that it can be attached to something else. Hope ya'll enjoy!



  • This is incredibly cool. If I may ask, why did you choose fluroscein as the dye? That would limit its use for pH-sensitive targeting that could be useful in cancer visualization.
  • 2 reasons. The first, I happened to have a giant container full of fluorescein. The second was that the chemistry is straight forward and there's less functional groups hanging off the fluorescein which could get damaged by the reaction. That's why we didn't go with somehting like rhodomine 
  • Ahh fair enough, and it helps that it's cheap.  No problems encountered with it so far?  Has this research been published yet or is there anywhere to read more about it?
  • The amount that I was able to do before I got hit with beurocracy wall was largely based on previous work, or was being done under the assumption it was going to be patented, so no papers im affraid. But I'll be picking the project up in the near future and will get to the point of at least a whitepaper then.
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