Induction stove w/ magnet

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My family recently remodeled their kitchen, and with it, got an induction stove. For those who don't know, an induction stove uses spinning magnets to generate heat in magnetic pots and pans. So obviously, this made me curious what might happen with a magnet implant? First thing that comes to mind is that it would also begin to heat up. But does anybody have personal experience? Or know what would actually happen?


  • Induction stoves dont use magnets (as far as I'm aware), just just pass AC current through a coil, which creates a magnetic field which in return induces currents in the metal.

    You would most definitively feel the magnetic field with a magnet, not sure if it would heat up though.
  • Ah my mistake. That sounds much more likely. I just find it an interesing scenario since magnets didn't react as were thought with MRI machines, so I was just curious. Thank you for the response
  • You can feel the buzzing of the heater kinda feels the same as a microwave but at a different frequency.
  • Ya with mine about... 10 inches away i can feel the current when its at 75% power. 

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