Suggestions for Beginners who are interested in learning about Biohacking ?

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I'm a good programmer and a decent hacker but I've no idea where to start and how to start, so I was hoping to get some advice on how to start up from ground up 


  • go read the wiki and watch a lot of the youtube documentaries on biohacking then go back and read old threads
  • Your best bet really is to just read up and start dipping that toe in :) Having a small magnet or chip installed at a piercing shop is a great first step if you're looking to move a bit beyond research, but not directly into a risky DIY install or project. The magnet might be the better of the two to start with, since it's simpler and doesn't rely on external hardware to make use of, but you still get to witness to process from sourcing to stitching and you still get to personally experience the EMR field interactions.
  • @BirdMachine, @Zwytechhacker no what I was actually asking about what background knowledge do I need to dive into biohacking myself 

  • @ayushmh

    You already probably have it. ^^ a desire to learn and study, and al the knowledge of how to research and evaluate concepts, theories, and ideas. How to learn is the knowledge you need.

    It depends so much on what you're looking to do. :o

    If you mean what fields of study are relevant... look at pretty much any medical related to the body in regards to the appropriate systems (dentistry for dental-related projects, etc), engineering related to the related fields (electrical engineering for physical construction of prototype battery powered implants, etc)...

    Do you have anything specific in mind of what you wish to accomplish, or just want to know 'what it takes' to be a grinder. If it's the latter, please refer to the mission statement of the web site. ^^

    No idea where or how to start sounds like you need to go look around and find things that tickle your fancy. ;D see if you come up with ideas or concepts of your own, or improve others. You get the idea. ^^
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