Questions about my first Nootropic stack

So I'm starting my stack soon. Just got it in the mail. I'm hoping to begin with a Phosphatide grouping of Phosphatidylserine at 100mg, phostphatodylCholine at 25mg, and phosphatidylethanolamine at 2.5 mg, as well as Lions Mane Mushroom at 1000mg, Citicoline Sodium at 300mg, Alpha-gpc 50% at 600mg, Noopept at 30mg, and last on the setup is Prl-8-53 at 75 mg. What do you guys think? I'm extremely new to nootropics and neurohacking.


  • Started with the phosphatide complex, yesterday with my usual amount of caffeine (200mg), and began to notice a bit more focus quickly. The most notable was that mood was more upbeat, output seemed easier to engage and my nicotine tolerance dropped noticeably in the first half of the day. This morning I added in ~20 mg of PRL-8-53 and ~600mg of Alph-GPC. The caffeine was unnecessary for the first few hours but the main effect I was amused with stood that my finesse in muscle motions (spinning credit cards to proper positions and the like) where significantly simple and I could tell I was more mindful of them. Also, at the point where I use have the nic-fit feelings, I simply began to lose focus however did not have the anxiety or irritability. Immediately after nicotine use, my focus was sharp and quick again. Mind you, I am not considered subpar however am definitely not distinguished immensely as far as intellect either. I may be judging traits too early, but I feel that these were the notable variants as of yet.
    Saturday I begin with the Noopept, Yamabushitake, and Citicoline.

    (Just saying; I am aware that the majority of my chosen gateway nootropics are cholinergic in nature -not including Lions Mane- but will be branching into racetams, and others soon)
  • Forgive my grammar and type errors, I'm using my phone which proves problematic at times.
  • Time to revive. How did it go?

  • Yes please, give us an update

  • I apologize for the late update, after the full completion of the components I had purchased, the duration cycle changed when I noticed certain patterning. I began getting haloing of vision at random points (Which was amazing and as if everything which were naturally 3D in realtime became 4K HD with everything I saw) and certain aspects of mental exhaustion, however, all went extraordinarily well. While maintaining a journal on my state and function, the only applicable issue was a point where when I would sleep, I would find myself consciously waking up having been running through simulations or conceptual parsing of things I had studied the day before. At one point one weekend I had managed to complete for certification of completion nine separate programming language courses between Saturday and Sunday, and equally went through a 24 hour Music theory class in three hours a different day, and completed a viable 6month to year educational lesson on automotive engineering in a matter of a few days. Even spent four days writing out 1,609 lines of C# source code in a straight line with coffee.

    Hoping to start a new stack soon, finances willing.

    I'm glad you all are well.


  • Haven't heard too much about phosphatides, how are they?
  • Glory. It went so well that I still remember the spite I was able to tell a manager about Two Avocado Spinach Flatbreads, one with no Avocado, one with no salsa, and the f-up of the bacon flats being turned into ASF and sent out from a year and a half ago. The beauty of that stack was impeccable. I had been using certain rolling compounds for years in a black mold haven and they went far beyond the call the way it were set in motion together. Still funny to recount too.

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