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Thanks for accepting me:)

I am sort of a newbie to biohacking in most respects, although as a transgender woman (mtf) I've been on hormone replacement therapy about 6 years now, so in a sense I've hacked my biology, although it has definitely been done before :). I am slightly curious about all kinds of stuff, and so I'm mostly lurking and occasionally commenting for now I can't promise much. I do take a handful of supplements, lion's mane for memory and anxiety and I'm trying to add creatine into my routine although its arguable what benefit it might have since I'm not working out as much as I'd like. I'd be interested in things related to feminizing my physique to what extent those even exist or work. I'm also loosely interested in: stuff to do with overcoming phobias and anxiety, intelligence, lifespan, motor coordination, sensory or strength augmentations (etc - I am pretty sure most people here secretly want to be superheroes;)), but again I'm gonna be kinda cautious. Mostly I notice that I do tend to buy supplements every now and again and I'm realizing that I exercise basically not enough rigor in evaluating them and would like to start doing so, I think possibly some kind of subdermal might be cool at some point, and I thought this might be an interesting forum to hang out on:) Thanks folks!


  • Welcome to Biohack.Me. As someone who doesn't get on as often as I'd like, my recommendation is to scroll back through the first few pages on the forum, read all of any topics that look interesting, and whenever you get back on make sure to scroll back as far as needed to revisit those same topics, the unread post count works great and if you ever reply to a topic, that new post will move it to the front of the list. I think there's also some sort of favorite button, I don't like browser bookmarks myself so I don't use that.

    Personally my focus is mostly around technology based implants, and some not implanted devices. Magnet implants are often a good starting point, and perhaps it's just me being lazy, but I still don't have one. In my spare time I'm currently brainstorming an implantable earpiece that could relay audio wirelessly from a phone or computer, also a non-implanted earpiece, which does basically the hebsame thing... im trying to develop it not implanted before adding the implant uh... stuff...

    Anyways, I'm not an expert, but there are various Nootropics and complete "stacks" on the forum for some of the desired mental things you listed. Again, I'm by no means an expert on the topic, I prefer technology based mods due to their less unpredictable nature with regards to how they affect the body, so I'll let someone else go into more detail with that.

    Again, welcome to Biohack.Me.
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    For sure. I mean im also curious re using computers to augment human intelligence. If i had any bandwidth right now id love to work on modifying zim / making plugins to get it to work better w anki and w google apis for help with remembering things i read, but i am still struggling w tkinter a little...ive tried a few supplements like piracetam and lions mane but i think itd be good to get more cautious / take notes / do a vade mecum kind of thing. Thank you for the welcome!
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    You've probably seen this, but since their second longevity experiment should be showing results soon, it won't hurt to refresh yourself.

  • I saw a long time ago but I didn't see the one about buckyballs. Interesting, I'd like to find out more about how it is supposed to work.
  • I have the initial french study...somewhere.  I'll try to find it tomorrow, but they cover all the salient points in that post.
  • Welcome! I second Jupiter's recommendation to check the threads to see what interests you. :) I've found the forum members to be diverse and encouraging of people interested in the full range of ways to augment and enhance. Basically we love to chat about new ideas, give feedback on what worked for us (or failed spectacularly) and help each other out. 
  • I very much look forward to it:)
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