NeuroGum, Take or Fake?

So, I'm perplexed by it, but over the past few weeks I've seen a massive uptick in spam in my Live account's inbox, from like 2 emails a year, to at least 5 a week. Today I got an email advertising NeuroGum, typically I'd dismiss this sort of thing as a mumbo jumbo, or just a placebo, but I actually took a moment to read this article and thought I'd ask for a second opinion, I'm not terribly knowledgeable on Nootropics, but I know a few people here are.

Personally, I'm not into drugs or chemicals too much, mostly due to their biological interactions being (like everything biological) unpredictable and imprecise, I prefer technology based advances, due to being more predictable and precise, basically I like to know exactly what I'm doing with my body.


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    Just a precursory look it has stuff that would work (caffeine, L theaine), but that's only when you ingest them. I'm not sure if just "chewing in the mouth" will get them into the body though.

    Also, no actual ingredient list except for a mention in the article. That rings some alarm bells.
  • I figured it was somewhat placebic, but wanted a second opinion. As I mentioned, not interested in that myself, even if I was, I'd prefer something more along the lines of pills, drink cocktail, or injection, I don't chew gum, incredibly can't stand chewing gum. Mostly because of spitting out something afterwards. Hypothetically this sort of gum wouldn't be spat out though, still don't like it myself. If it turns out to have some actual truth to it, could be worth adding to some list of easily acquired Nootropics here. I did feel like the celebrity pictures... were actually photoshopped. The gum cases were remarkably phone like in placement in the photos.
  • The article does note that chewing the ingredients could be more viable than drinking.

    That said, I can't get the photoshopped pictures out of my mind. Definitely leaning toward fake. Regardless of what their knowledgeable research seems to say.
  • Immediately, this looks like a variant of other popular scams such as the smart drugs supposedly touted by Stephen Hawking and the like (spoiler - they aren't).

    This looks no more effective than your typical caffeinated gum, honestly. Chewing is a very effective method of delivery as your mouth tissues absorb things very well but it's not unique, gums, tinctures, powdered nootropics, hell even chewing tobacco are things that already use the method.

    The big difference is probably an outrageous price, I didn't even bother looking. Plus given the sketchy advertising, who even knows the quality of the ingredients used. No thanks, here. I'd pass.
  • In your mouth the veins that are under your teeth and being your are very good to slowly absorb chemicals, it is the reason way you have many drug addict using them reader than injecting the drugs. It is also the why people like to chew tobacco, they can absorb it but more slowly than a cigarette. 
    The method of delivery can work , but you need to see the chemicals inside and they're quantity. 

    The only news from dr. Oz I have came from Last week Tonight with John Oliver ( HBO) here is a link : 

    I would not suggest to buy them. 
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    Huh. Learn something new everyday.

    Still, given most studies (ie the ones I've read so far) on caffeine and L theaine are via the oral route I would still doubt how comparable is the "chewing" route. 
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