Black and blue / yellow after implant

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Hey all! 

I need your advice and professional opinion on this picture , I implanted a friend with an xNT and now ( a couple days later) it's still blue and yellow around it.

Thanks alot!



  • Looks painfully normal. Should have bruising for 1-2 weeks. Just slowly fades over time. All part of the normal healing process.
  • This looks suspiciously like a bruise
  • Thanks alot!

    I was almost sure it wasn't something strange or alarming but I wanted to make sure it's alright. :) 

    It wasn't my favorite hand to implant in as he had alot of veins for some reason, had like 1-2 sq cm to implant in, but a friend (Also implanted by me) said it was looking alarming so I needed some other oppinions about the hand :)
  • That's perfectly normal. Typically after an implant, a small bruise persists for at least a week or two. For me, I had a bruise from day 3 to 8 after the initial implant, then the bruise went from blue to yellow and slowly faded over the next week.

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