Help Super-Heavyweight Bodybuilder/Powerlifter Run Farther, Faster!

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Hey all, a little background here. I'm 6'3", 280lb at sub-10% bodyfat. Before bulking up I was 210lb, still somewhat strong for a typical guy and could run about 5 miles before I crapped out usually due to lactic acid build-up simply turning my legs into bricks. I honestly didn't train much then, had simply started running for a couple months with decent natural conditioning before I decided I was going to get f***ing huge and powerful.

To compensate for my heavy frame, I've adopted chi running to minimize the impact on my joints and make the effort more efficient. However, it's general rule that heavy guys just can't run that far and it's proving to be a difficult task to break that rule. Currently I can make it about 2-3 miles before my legs REALLY start aching and this is at a slower pace than I ran at 210. I train by running as far as I can then jumping on the elliptical so I can finish myself off.

Needless to say I am not all natural. I am full of all kinds of supplements and drugs, currently I am on LGD-4033, TB-500, creatine, pterostilbene, Niagen, and a cocktail of spices like turmeric, black pepper, ginger, cayenne, etc. suspended in coconut oil with allantoin that I simply eat a teaspoon of everyday. A big part of my bulking up was done with superdrol. Proper PCT has always been performed and my hormone system remains strong, also probably due to me using SARMs now in place of harsher steroids.

This is also completely aside from a "mental" regimen of alpha-GPC, phenylpiracetam, and noopept. Occasionally I take other things as well like red reishi, cordyceps, and matcha green tea. I also semi-regularly submit myself to tDCS.

I have magnetic implants but none that have any effect on physical performance (they hold up surprisingly great with me lifting massive amounts of weight with those fingers!)

Now I want to be able to run like I used to. I know I'll never be able to naturally, so I'm looking for unnatural solutions cause I'm already operating different than a natural human at this point. I know that sodium bicarbonate and beta-alanine can help buffer lactic acid. I've also read that sodium citrate can turn to sodium bicarbonate after consumption and may also help oxygen saturation by raising pH levels - but I admit the whole pH thing seems to back and forth I don't know what ACTUALLY does what.

Anyone have any ideas here? No matter the method I'm interested in hearing. My main obstacles to running farther, aside from the obvious issue of mass, are;

1. Lactic acid build-up.
2. My cardio/oxygen saturation
3. Muscle tension from powerlifting

The goal is to run farther while still being massive and able to lift large amounts. I want to BREAK the rule of big guys not being able to do things like this, just for the sake of doing it.


  • I'm interested but I can't help much till grindfest is over. I could collaborate on this in June. Also, I think Vanadiums bf John would be interested. He recently tore a bicep and is healing. Healing/injury prevention would be fun to play with.
  • Ok, so the stuff that jumps to mind.. Brainstorming..
    Pranayam breathing exercises, temperature treatments, barometric chambers, training with lowered o2 percentages, airway resistance training and sputter valve s, blood doping, hgb alternatives, bronchodilators, vasodilators..Marks magic cold gloves..
  • Thanks for the input. First off, June could be great and I'd be willing to run some benchmark tests and see how different ideas effect distance and speed while weighing myself and maintaining my mass. I was also toying with the idea of doing a Spartan Sprint in August which comprises of ~3 miles and ~22 obstacles.

    Second, in my experience TB-500 and BPC-157 are amazing for healing. Depending on what he's willing to put into his system(and how much he wants to spend), those peptides along with GHRP-2 injected intramuscularly, allantoin taken internally and topically at the site and turmeric with black pepper taken daily will heal him ridiculously fast.

    Aside from O2 deprivation, I've also seen that increasing it via a mask can help by allowing the body to train harder during the run itself and of course the oxygen can help during the run itself. However I'm really not sure what type of set up I'm looking for that would be ideal for this. I usually take nitric oxide boosters so I have pretty good blood flow but nothing on the level of something like nitro pills (which could be problematic)

    Not sure what the gloves are and a search yielded nothing.
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    John says cardarine supposedly increases endurance, or SR9009 but that hasn't been studied as much. He's taking l arginine to help his arm heal right now and suggests maybe a complex of that and l citrulline to help blood flow/endurance. Also "Depending on how steroid-y you want to go there's always blood doping or EPO". And he says it might be worth it to look into experimenting with ketogenic carb cycling, there are methods geared more towards running.
  • Thanks for the input, that's the first I've heard of SR9009 and I've read a ton on SARMs, goes to show there's always more out there and that's a good thing I suppose. I've read studies on l-citrulline and have considered it.

    EPO could work but the thought scares me a bit. I'd have to counter that with something reliable that would thin my blood back to a normal level. I'm so big that running on a hot day with thicker blood could be a real disaster. Like, imminent stroke. Back to this in a second.

    Carb cycling seems legit. I've also been considering using something along the lines of Keto//OS to sort of cheat and be able to have a high metabolism, carbs in my muscles, but also ketones burning fat up for energy.

    Cheating honestly is the whole theme of what I'm trying to do. Cheating the body, at least. Any running I'll be doing is just for my own sake of doing so, not to win awards and boast I'm better than a bunch of naturals. I want to push boundaries.

    Assuming we can make EPO safe for me, let me spend a bit to try to come up with an all-out supplement protocol for sheer endurance with everything listed so far. Some of these things require pre-loading a couple weeks out to be useful so I need to figure out times and doses. I'd also like to read more on SR9009 and a few other SARMs. With how this one apparently works, it seems like it would not only pair well with other mitochondria boosters like CoQ-10 and Niagen but can be stacked with another SARM.

    In the meantime if anyone else has anything clever, new peptides or ANYTHING I could be missing, input is always appreciated.

  • I have first hand experience with cardarine and sr9009. I'm no where near your size, but I experimented with them last summer. My running style has always been run until I throw up, turn around and run till I throw up again, and then walk back the rest of the way. Before adding any drugs besides test I was consistently getting 5miles at a sub 10min/mile pace before turning. After 1 week on cardarine, sr9009, and t-bol I was consistently hitting 10miles at a sub 10min/mile pace before turning.

    Here is everything I was on.
    400mg of test per week- 2 shots per week
    10mg of sr9009 every 4 hours
    30mg of gw501516 daily
    25mg of t-bol twice per day
  • I intend to get to this soon enough, right now I'm in ketosis trying to trim down a tiny bit from my last cycle and the energy levels are good. A good protocol on top of this should make a noticeable difference.
  • Myo-Inositol Trispyrophosphate (ITPP) , steroids that increase redbloodcell count.
  • Interesting, first I've seen. I actually read this awhile ago, just now replying. Reading up on it was pretty interesting and it seems super cheap. I think next month I'm going to dive in and get everything I need.
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