Overdrive Serum

I have been doing research into what one might call a "Super Soldier Serum" and ultimately, genetic modification is a long shot.

However, what would ya'll think of a combination of D-IX (used in Nazi Super Soldier Experiments, prison inmates on it would walk up to 55 miles with 45lbs of gear on, then immediately drop dead) and Epinephrine, both being steadily injected in small dosages into the body's blood stream? 

D-IX ingredients would be strictly limited to the cognitive enhancing-portions of the drugs to reduce the wear on the body, and Adrenal would be used in place. 

How would biohack.me go about creating their own super serum, given an unlimited number of resources at your disposal?


  • So, meth, coke, and an opiate.. and you want to combine it with epinephrine? Why injected?

    Meh. Have you ever speed balled?
  • No but please enlighten me.
  • So a speed ball is a combo of a stimulant and an opiate.. usually heroin and coke or meth. It's rather dangerous.. cardiac side effects abound. Also, the stims you're talking about using already trigger release of epi/norepinephrine. You might consider instead of epi using one of the nontraditional stimulants like modafinil.
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