Brainstorming session February 2017

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  • Hmm. Won't let me edit the above. Anyhow, I thought I'd open up a new brainstorming thread. Have at it. I'll start.
  • Someone needs to learn to perform Elisa testing.
    It's actually really simple to do. Basically, you have a reagent that changes color in the presence of whatever you're looking for. It's like a drug test.. but if you get a reader it can even be quantitative.
    This came up first regarding a project about stress. It'd be cool to be able to test cortisol levels in saliva to determine stress levels. But then I realized it's good for so much more. Almost all labs drawn in the hospital use Elisa.. not all but a lot. I really think it'd be useful for the community. One person could get good at it, and then as needed we just buy a kit for whatever we're looking to test. For example, cortisol for Elisa is a 200 buck kit. This would allow for a large number of tests whearas if we get a single cortisol test kit it's like 200 alone.
  • OK, so John recently tore his bicep. We were talking about a project for rapid healing. He had a pretty extensive he's trying and after reading up about some of them I think there's merit. At the very least we should really do some research into after care. Simple things like high dose vitamin c apparently make a big difference as does adequate protein intake. I think a project regarding rapid healing would be awesome.
  • Regarding coatings and tests for coatings.. a lot of people are working on this but I don't see much about results. I know I've promised some new coating options and not follow up. Sorry! Why don't we plan a set of three group calls? I'm sticking with not making them weekly but rather a couple at a time because I can commit to it.. but anyone want to talk coatings? Let's plan it.
  • I don't have the supplies to dig into the ELISA work, but I'd be glad to be on the call regarding coatings! Even if a coating isn't viable for a magnetic implant, it could still be viable for other projects, and we should still document its properties and such. (And if anyone has done research regarding PEDOT:PSS, I'd LOVE to hear from you on this call :) )

    One thing that might be nice to figure out is how we might want to structure the info for the upcoming wiki. Figure out what specific datapoints we might want to have listed and graphed out if someone's trying to decide what will work best for their project. 
  • I know ELISA testing. Sandwich protocol. 
  • Something I've seen thrown around but never really acted on are home cell labs/bio labs in general. Considering that there are a couple tutorials on setting them up, has anyone actually done so yet? It's something I'd like to do in the near future. Get a running build log together, throw it up on the forums somewhere?

    I'd also be down to crunch some numbers. 
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