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Hi all,

I want to know if there's anymore forums out there where there are more radical people.  I know this sounds kinda weird, but I want to find a forum where poeple experiment on themselves possibly too much.  I want to see the bleeding weeping edge of biohacking.



  • I mean, Lepht Anonym comes to mind, but they're an admitted crazy person so... 

    Here's a talk

    Though, really the best way to experience bleeding edge stuff is to be on the bleeding edge yourself. 
  • What is it you think is happening? There's a lot going on here that isn't overt.
  • Beat me to the punch @Cassox . Your best bet is to try collaborating with people on an individual level. Just ask around a little.
  • @Cassox

    What I meant is that someone could look for (and hell, maybe even find) increasingly radical/fringe biohacking groups, but they wouldn't really be a radical grinder without getting involved directly with some projects. 
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     I found an article on wired about her....WTF IS SHE USING A VEGETABLE PEELER FOR?

  • There isn't some secret DIY hacker underground that has a forum you're just going to drop in on. I'm sure there are folks out there trying some weird stuff, but they're almost certainly well funded and not going onto internet forums to get advice from folks like us. Well, other than the people here.
  • While not a biohacking/transhumanist forum, I thought of the Hub forums. They are full of criminals and conspiracy theorists, yes, but most of the people there would be interested in biohacking and are very open minded. There are even doctors there that offer "surgery" options thats arent exactly normal. I dont know how much that would appeal to you but I found it fascinating. Here is the link

    It takes tor browser to access. Please do not use a clearweb bypass site as those are notoriously sketchy and you may find yourself at risk.
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