A couple questions about magnetic Implants

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Hey guys, 

I am working on a School project on the improvements of the human senses thanks to technology. One part of our research is how we can improve the sens of touch, and one way we thought we could do that with today's technology is feeling magnetic fields. 

I have a couple questions for you guys who have, or have had, a magnetic implant in your fingers:
- What could you feel with the implant (only the most important magnetic charges, the earth's magnetic field)?
- Were there more benefits or downsides to the implant?
- Do you see the implant becoming mainstream? 

If any of you guys would have an idea of other available technology that would improve the sens of touch in any way, I'm all ears! 
Thanks a lot!


  • Listen to "Episode 006 - Additional Senses" [Show Page] for my experiences and answers to some of your questions. Even if you only listen to the first three minutes you'll get some answers.
  • I can tell what metals are magnetic, so basically what has steel in it. This has been useful around the house when I'm trying to nail things into the wall, so I know when to give up. I also used it to figure out that the bent caster on my roll out couch was steel so I knew I could bend it back out when it was broken.

    I can sense when there are strong electrical fields. When I'm on the subway if I sit in the right spot I can feel it right before the train starts to move. This one hasn't really come in handy yet, but it's pretty neat.
  • My personal favorite is a magnetic stir plate.  Also microwaves, some Keurig's, and components of laptops are neat.  I don't see many downsides beyond the risk of infection or rejection, but honestly I don't see an enormous benefit other than sensory augmentation.  People generally tend to be intimidated by implants, so I don't see this ever becoming a mainstream mod.
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    @McSTUFF Thanks, great podcast ! It was really interesting. 
  • I forgot my other favorite thing, I can trigger the screen shutdown on my computer with my magnet, and I can turn on my phone's screen with it by swiping like I have an iPhone.
  • Your android phone screen is set up to turn on when a magnet moves past it?
  • No, the phone just does it when I run my magnet across the bottom part of the screen. It works on either the front or the back of the phone. Its an HTC desire.

    I found it out on accident one day because it also turns off the screen for a moment. Not sure what does it really.
  • @Cathasach, it sounds like it's designed for a case with an embedded magnet so when you pull it out of the case the phone turns itself on. That's cool.
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