open call for open sourced tutorials

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So a subpage of our new website is to be called dangerous minds univeristy, the idea behind it is to host a biohacking, grinder instructable or hack-a-day-ish posts to help new implantees and such learn. if anyone would like to submit please feel free to send them to [email protected]


  • This is a great way to pool all the coolest biohacking projects together. It's curated so unlike Instructables, you don't have to wade through heaps of K-Nex marble towers and paper airplanes to find something cool. This will become a great resource, please help the guys at Dangerous Minds.
  • My only issue is liability, there are lots of idiots out there. I don't trust someone not to sue a author over there failing to follow directions....
  • A disclaimer on the University page is probably a good idea. I put one at the end of all my blog posts for that reason. I can't count the number of people I've told, "I'm not a doctor."

  • nods good idea, will have to add that to the page as a reminder that you follow all these tutorials at your own risk, and assumption of all liability will be on the end user.
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