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Ok, so I've done a lot of procedures. The vast majority have been good, but when I was at the BodyHax conference I had to pull out a FlexNT I'd placed that was causing the guy problems. The issue was totally based on my placement. I also pulled a magnet for a guy that had been poorly placed by someone else. The procedure took too long and despite it having a good outcome, I feel like it was too much trauma to the area.

That said, I'm pretty good with some things. I mean, I can implant a magnet in less time then it takes for me to scrub in at this point. I have a lot of knowledge regarding everything from cleaning and sterilization of tools to blood borne pathogen training etc.. But I'm not good enough. I've been trying to approach all procedures from an entirely medical/surgical perspective.. but I got to speak with Russ Foxx and I've been seeing pictures of his work and it makes me want to cry. The guy does beautiful work. Seriously better then anything I could do. I've also been approached by a lot of people wanting to learn to do procedures.. so you see the weird position this puts me in right?

Ok, so charging someone 400 bucks for a magnet implant is bullshit. I'm not trying to shit talk Haworth here. I mean, it's the case of he can charge whatever he wants because he's among the best and I'm cool with this. But we need more body mod people in the community who are willing to work at cost and discuss technique without ego and hubris. I think we need to start a learning group to accomplish this. It wouldn't be super specific to body modification either.. people should be able to start IVs and safely administer injections. People should be able to do IO's. People should be familiar with various forms of pain management and fluid therapies etc. Some of this I'm definitely able to teach, some I'm not honestly good enough at. This is a project I'd like to start working on following the next Grindfest. I'm going to start accumulating resources and planning a curriculum. Because this is a very serious subject, a person would really need to commit. I think we should do it in like 3 week intervals. I probably can't commit to 6 months of biweekly skype conversations and homework, but I can do a 3 week run. And then.. another later.. and then another etc.

So let's talk about this. Who's down? I already know a lot of people who would do this but are already contributing in other ways. If you are a lurker.. or have said something like, "I don't know what I bring to the community," then this is for you. You wouldn't need any prior knowledge. We'll work together to figure things out. But the two characteristics I'd like to see are commitment and cautiousness.


  • I'm interested. What sort of times would we see the calls happening?
  • We can figure that out when we get closer. Probably like a weekly call and like two checks ins a week via slack
  • I would be interested in learning more techniques. Yes I'm mostly a lurker, but I would like to start contributing eventually, so this would be a good start. When did you think about starting?
  • We'd start in may.
  • Are there any places to get formal training with this stuff?
  • I'm in as well.
  • May sounds good, count me in for sure.
  • I've already started researching how to get my Piercer's license out here, and I am 1000% in on this :D 

    Cathsach: One of the things I'll need for my license is CRP/AED/First Aid training which the Red Cross offers in a number of cities, might make for a good start with formal training? Also any training involving bloodbourne pathogens (OSHA was a suggestion for that), and Boston also requires an anatomy course and a course on skin diseases. I'm guessing licensing boards across various towns pick and choose what specifics they'll want, but I'm confident most will settle on bloodbourne diseases and First Aid if nothing else.
  • I think one of the things that we could do to really help with getting cyborg mods into the mainstream is setting up a foundation that helps get people trained in how to implant people. Even if it's something like a scholarship for people to become trained as nurses, or to do outreach at medical schools, it could go a long way.
  • Dang I hate being so far from everyone, also were does the FDA fit in with all this?
  • I'd love to get involved with this
  • That sounds really great, I'm interested.
  • Cool. I'll really get this rolling after grindfest is done.. but I'm going to be pretty serious about it. I'll probably give reading assignments etc. So we'll start maybe may 15th and do a 3 week stint.
  •  im interested
  • Hi, everyone. I just discovered you a bit ago and saw a new site is on the horizon so was trying to just lurk until the new one was up. But you guys are all so interesting! I wanted to comment on a bunch of stuff here and in the DT forum but I can barely keep up with al the updates. I am super interested in this self-doctor training, though! Put me on the list, please :)

  • I'm interested
  • I'm happy to discuss ways I can help. :)
  • @Cassox I know that I am quite late to this, but I only now just saw it. Is this something that is still going on or am I too late?

  • Well, we ended up doing 3 days of classes before grindfest last year. We're doing something similar but a tad more intense.
  • Those interested in taking part in the 2019 surgical intensive, please sign up when you register for grindfest at augmentationlimitless.com
  • I'm in Arkansas and I'm a minor. My mom has never been very happy when I bring up things about the Grinder scene. I think that I may just be SOL on this.

  • If it's something you're serious about, now is a great time to start learning. Last year, the class thing I did went as far as injections. While I wanted to get to implants etc. There is a shit load of stuff that's essentially theory that's super important. Piercing artists have only one essential class they have to attend.. it has nothing to do with cutting.
  • Really? I thought that more than just that was required. I plan on properly joining this community as soon as I turn 18. I've been trying to learn as much as possible before then. However, I'm never fully sure how to start when I find a new topic to look at.

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