have some questions about implants...

i have been implanted in 2004 ...

as I have heared we cant see the implants in mri/ct scans because its a nano implant.

first can u see the implant somehow?...using maybe atomic force microscope? or some similar equipment?...

about using Neodimium magnets...I have been implanted in the forehead...is it possible maybe to put 2 magnets in the sides of the forhead for required time instead of injecting them?

The best solution would be to somehow see the implant and remove it from my forehead.




  • Who did your implant?
  • Curious what you mean by 'nano implant'. Do you have further details about it? Knowing the general material or components involved will make figuring out a way to detect it much easier.

    For the magnet in the forehead, I don't really recommend adding more. At least as far as magnets are concerned. The nerve density is not going to give you much feedback, so the only real remaining use case would be to mount something onto them. Which I definitely do not recommend for extended periods of time, as pinching the skin from the inside and outside will start damaging it after time.

    Do you still have contact with the artist who installed either? They might be able to find the best method of removal for you.
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    From an engineering perspective and the information given this sounds more like the fear of having an implant rather than actually having one. Especially the 'nano' part is a bit fishy.

    None the less there are some things that might help you locate your lost implant, or at least sleep better.

    1. Given you can't see it yet you'r still concerned implies the implant is not there to look good but to serve a certain purpose/function.

    2. Atomic force microscopes won't be of any use cause there are too many atoms between your microscope probe tip and your desired object. 

    3. Size of the implant. Your body tries to break down everything that's not of it's own living material. For big objects this can be prevented by using appropriate materials (titanium, platinum, etc, cluple of silicones and polymers), but if the object is small enough your body gets really mad about it and tries to encapsulate it so it won't cause any harm. So if you really have a nano-scale implant you can rest safe and sound cause your body probably wrapped it in some waste-cell within the matter of a few days. Only way to prevent this is to make your body believe that your nano implant is part of your body but this sort of technology doesn't exist to public accessible knowledge. If someone has that level of tech they could do far better than just messing with your forehead, and they wouldn't release such tech to be potentially discovered in first place.

    4. Energy: If your implant was to do anything that just sitting there doing no harm it needs energy. Given the state of the art today, biologically powered batteries are not yet ready for production, even less so 12 years ago. So it either needs to ship with its own energy storage or supplied by external power. Internal energy storage would be super limited due to the small size you mentioned. Given the available tech level I'd give it a few minutes of operation and an inactive shelf life of a few years at best. With the amount of energy you couldn't really do a lot anyway, basically nothing, maybe logging the temperature of your forehead for a day or two. Alternatively would be it gets supplied by external power. Given the suggested size again, this would require very high frequency radio waves to transmit any usable amount of energy. We'r talking about powerlevels that would boil or burn your skin or cause mutations of cells due to gene damage over the exposed time. Not to mention an extremely well focused energy sources directly aiming for that tiny spot on your forehead. So unless you have a big cross on your forehead which marks the precise location, almost no chance to power it.

    5. Locating it! Finally. Unless that nano sized implant is para- or ferromagnetic, magnets won't do anything. And even if it were, the forces generated due to the tiny volume would be anything but visible. If the implant is magnetic you can measure a change in magnetic fields around the implant site with good magnetometers. If it is metallic or contains metals at least, which can be assumed one way or another, you can basically use a metal detector (not from the store, but a scaled down version optimized for small particles). I wouldn't recommend to xray your skull but yeah. I very much recommend modern medical imaging: Since you mentioned the implant site was your forehead we can safely assume it's between skull and skin surface. Anyway it's an area of rather thin skin for most humans. Optical coherence Tomography or a comparable method should provide you with a very detailed scans of that part of your body. We'r talking resolutions better than individual cells of your body. quick read up on that stuff: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Optical_coherence_tomography
  • Was this implant voluntary?  Sounds like something that I have heard on Coast to Coast AM.  Either mind control or alien.
  • Money is on alien. Possibly xenomorph.
  • You people have to turn everuthing into a joke don't you. Your mockerishness makes my arm bees angry.
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    Good, they need something to keep themselves bee-sy.
  • I wasn't really making a joke.  There are people who believe they have alien implants in their forehead and use a magnet to detect them.


    There was even a doctor that claims to have removed about a dozen implants from people's bodies.


    This might not be the best group for this subject though.  Most of the people here actually want implants of one sort or another. 

    I could be completely wrong about this particular implant but it sounds like it wasn't something that the original poster actually wanted to get.

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