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So I've read the wiki (very interesting and plan on using the materials provided) however there's a few things I'm still not clear on.
For one thing, why only do 1 layer of bio-proofing? Why would two or three layers of biocompatible materials not be the Gold Standard.
Secondly, I've seen multiple people say that theres always a chance of rejection even if the coating is perfect. If everything that the body is exposed to is inert, what's there for the body to reject.
Lastly, just out of curiosity, whats truly the worst-case-scenario. What if you were to implant a magnet entirely exposed and it was to dissolve. I'm obviously not planning on attempting this, but I haven't seen an answer on the forum as of yet.

- Old account, first post. I've been using the forum just to lurk and learn on for a while but haven't even logged on yet as I didn't think that I got cleared to have an account. While I'm new to posting and I'm no expert I wouldn't say I'm illiterate, and I'm eager to learn and I'm excited to try to help the community and our collective knowledge in any way that I can .- 


  • 1 layer is used because it is thin and will give you the best feeling.
    nothing in the world is 100% perfectly bio safe and even if it was the body could reject something just do to how the cut was done and the way it tries to heal.

    Worst possible case I can come up with is you implant the thing way deep, it goes bad, you get an infection, heavy metals into the blood, your finger would grow to a very large size during the entire thing and a doctor would get very mad at you. If you just kept it in and never went to a doctor I could see maybe loosing the finger, but probably just hate life for a while since your finger would be hurting a ton and get a good ol dose of heavy metals into the blood. 
  • I love the too deep thing. See something disturbing over the weekend?
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    I'd say a worst case scenario would be Sepsis or other type of particularly bad infection. Unlikely, but if we're chatting worsts...

  • More than one coating is absolutley feasible, but you're going to want to work on an nm scale so that sensation is still strong. In regards to the second part, anything foreign that you implant into the body, no matter how good the coating, is still going to cause an inflammatory response that may lead to rejection.
  • One of the reasons why implants with inert, flawless coatings can still reject is because they're usually more rigid than the tissue around it. That can cause irritation or scarring. Also, we still don't completely understand the human immune system. There are likely other reasons in addition to everything else mentioned up to this point.
  • @Benbeezy @BirdMachine I was thonking that would it not be possible to be able have a slip and possibly sever a nerve in the finger or something along those lines?
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