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Im not one for over the top introductions.
Skill set:
  • Licensed Professional Body Piercer
  • Preformed over 1,000 piercings of various nature
  • Working knowledge of physiology and the effects of body modification. 
  • Studied IT with emphasis on scripting and shell command
  • Amateur inventor 
I am here because this has been an interest of mine for a while now. My main focus is on transdermal electronics and mechanisms. I feel that the technology available has reached a level to achieve much more than just fancy body bling.  

I have many designs i'm working on developing that have the potential to be mainstays of this community. however i am in prelim testing only and require much more data. Needless to say development is a costly and time consuming process. I am reluctant to release these to the public as i have been burned before. And some of the things i'm suggesting are frowned upon within my community. I would like to find willing victims for my science but need to remain semi anonymous. That being said i am in WA state and would need extensive consultation before accepting. 

I would like to start by getting some feedback from the community. IE: personal experiences, trusted purveyors, interests in biohacking. I would also like to know what you would like to be able to achieve through biohacking. If any regulars have input for conduct on the forum and or general info that would be appreciated as well. Help me to help you.



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    From one mad scientist to another, welcome! The mood here is very lax; that being said there is a small group of doers and a larger group of lurkers with a handful of people in-between. Can't wait to see some of your designs! Maybe I wouldn't be against being a ginnie pig. What are some of your ideas so far?

    Are you on IRC? Also, going to BodyHacking Con? :D
  • I am not on an IRC nor have been or know where any bodyhacking cons are. I've remained modestly independent for a while now. Mostly honing my craft. Now i'm at a point where i would like to connect with some like minded people. 

    My designs mainly revolve around using surface bars and micro dermals as a hard mount for interchangeable mechanical and electronic augmentations. This has been done before, but I would like to create simpler more mainstream versions. some using magnets as a means to create an easy on off solution. These are my main focus right now.  
  • Having common sense is a major plus here
    Welcome to the forum!
  • Welcome to the community! :D
  • Hello and welcome

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