BioHack inspired comic book characters.

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I'm paying some money to have brain stormed characters manifested in promo graphics. 
The characters are all S.T.E.M. kids that are enhanced by their different fields of study.

I wanted to start playing with ideas form some of the members here.


  • Well, kids will be kids. I am sure they don't all have to use their hacks for good.

    What about one with an implanted form of an rfid skimmer/cloner? He can walk around town picking up IDs that are then stored on his system with location geotags and are automatically written to tags in his hands to allow him access to any rfid locked doors????
  • Dr sleepless is where a lot of this culture comes from its a comic about grinders
  • How about a kid who has synced their Bone achored hearing aid up to a a device that lets them hear ultrasonic and super sonic noices. Or someone who has. An array of rfids that communicate with a swarm of drones that follows them around. Or a paraplegic that has an implant in their motor cortex that lets them control an exosuit. Or a kid with a really nice brain-computer set of electrodes (the technical name is slipping my mind this moment) and they also use drones. Or a kid that built a ballista and uses it to shoot themself and their hangglider into the air to fly around town.

    That's all I've got off the top of my head, I'll try to post more when I'm not exhausted.
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    These are all pretty sweet ideas. In this universe, such abilities would be amplified a bit beyond reality.

    Would anyone be interested in joining a call? I've already got a handful of people interested so now I'm trying to organize a skype conversation or something.
  • You know I'm down for a Skype conversation.
  • I'm new to the biohack scene (not gonna be much help there). Not really into comic books (so could really care less). But as one who lives in a delusional fantasy world all day, every day, I know that there has to be a balance between the fantastic possiblities  of one life, and unconquerable and unsurmountable limitations of the other.

    While gathering gathering character concepts from those who are most knowledgeable in said field is a great (best) thing to do. For character creation.

    The "World" in which these characters reside in must have rules and regulations (it maintains the balance between fantasy and reality). Is the most important element of the (your) setting.

    I say, conceptualize a "world" in which the " League of Hacker Heros", can't just come in, break up, and shut down. For every "one" there is an "anti-one".

    "Create the -World- and the -Characters- will come". Not sure if I should that goes out to Kevin Costner or James Earl Jones ( preferably Jones).

    As an avid D&D player and MTG enthusiast, most hated people be the "Rule Rapers". There is no winning against them. They know the rules and bi-laws, studied them to the point that "TRUMP" trumps all. All the while, I know the rules, bi-laws, could play the game just as weasley as them. But it's just a game.

    Gonna cut myself off now, before the topic becomes too misconstrued.

    Looking forward to, hating, upon seeing your book on the store shelves. Regardless of my opinion/suggestions and all the other advice/comments, YOU DO YOU, as long as you're happy, to hell with everyone else!

  • Interesting contribution. There is a lot of the scene I still need to define. I'm going to work on this casually.
  • @SourcePhoenix, would you tell everyone about the origin of these characters and their motivation?
  • I could, but not here.
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