Homo sapien mutagensis

Been a troll for a while and this is my first post

Wanted to start to share some of the stuff I have been working on in regards to human genetic design. Sorry there is an external link but it happens.
I have tons of information so it will take a while to have it internet ready so I hope people can be patient. I also want to tell a good story.

Anyways, hope this interests people here.



  • Humans are an ape, with a symbiotic relationship to the mushroom. This relationship has given us -social construct dictations, religious absurdities, and political anomalies.
  • Ok I'll bite....what
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    @pinkpengiun Can you explain your human mushroom symbiosis theory for me? Is it like a mushroom computer?

    I did once read about a theory about prehistoric humans breaking the 'sight sound barrier' by eating mushrooms and inventing spoken language, not sure how that is related though..sounds like hippie propaganda, although possible
  • @actii that is hippie propaganda. Gots no real conviction in it. I speak before I think, I leap before I look. I do what I do, and suffer the consequences. And on a few occasions, I reap the rewards.
  • We have forgotten more than we know. It was common every day things to them, yet a mystery as their creation and purpose to us.

    I know what I know and I know what I don't know so there for I must take that which I do not know and turn it into that which I do know so there for I do not know no longer
  • @pinkpenguin Uhm, so I guess that would be a 'no', I can't really take you seriously if you won't embelish on such a bold statement, one that appears kinda farfetched, at that. I guess I just don't see the point or if there is one, except that you can't possibly be serious...
  • Maybe you should lay of the mushroom...
  • @InDubiousBattle   This looks very interesting, and I know your previous work. Please keep posting more. I'm Looking forward to seeing where this goes.
  • I take my not being serious, very seriously. Until you truly know the one, you can not judge the other.

    When an ant displays certain malfunctions on a regular basis. The Colony will notice, address, and resolve the situation immediately.

    Carried on the backs of those he loves, and of those who love him, he is hauled away.

    Abandoned and forgotten. The ant shan't survive.

    The abandoned ant dies and a fungal spore sprouts from the crainuim of abandoned ant.

    Mushrooms have and always will play an integral role in the evolution of species (regardless of kingdom, class, phylem, genius, and all that other shnitz). Pure inprisation!
  • That was exaggerated for dramatic effect. But tis true. For  each ant is a fungal spore that affects 1:1000 within the hive(colonial) mind frame.

    Some cope, they persevere. Others disassociate, they forget about. Spew that vomit forthward, let thine bile fester youngster. Gonna take a knee and "registar". BOOM!  BITCH! I ain't gonna die.

    Honestly, I can not tell a lie, kill the beat!

     Straight up Y'all, I like yous guys. Not afraid to cut yourself open, insert object, stitch self up. That's awesome.

    I love what you're striving for. Be the pioneer, groundbreaking one who gets to shoot the bird in the face of all those who said balderdash.

    If I was trolling, I'd be more insulting.
    Trolls be nasty, vile, cruel, hateful, and hate filled creatures. By these standards, I am NOT a TROLL! 

    Since I'm not a TROLL, am I a "Gnome"? Most definitely NOT! Gnomes are thieves and pedophiles.  Have no use for either!

    I TRIED! I REALLY DID! But like "Popeye the Sailor Man" ---" I yam what I yam, and that's all that I yam"

    I mean no disrespect or degradation the communial contributions of those who be fully vested. Not all I say shall useful to all.  If what I say today, helps one thirty years from now. My existence has been proven to be worthwhile. 
  • @meanderingpaul dude ate a few too many of those magic mushrooms for sure
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    Nothing magic about them at all. Yes! I have ingested more than my fair share of psilocybin.

    And lysergic acid diethylamide, ccb, cce, cci, CCC, dxm(robotripin), special K, 5-MeO-DMT, methylenedioxymethamphetamine, tetrahydrocannabinol that's a given.

    And countless others.

    All day every day, delusional fantasy. My goodness, do I disdain reality.
  • It sounds somewhat like you're crossing definitions between some mushroom species and some parasite species? There are multiple types of parasites that will drive their hosts to suicide to then either recycle their nutrients or continue to spread. In fact, there's one parasitic fungi in particular that has a penchant for ants: Ophiocordyceps unilateralis.

    Humans naturally have a relationship with everything in their environment. It's not far fetched to claim fungi have had a relatively important role in or species over time, from myths born from misunderstanding fundamental science to proper cultivation and avoidance. The very concept of decay itself is tied pretty closely to them, and that's something we've had to deal with for quite a while. Same goes for essentially any flora and fauna. It's simply another kingdom in our world that we live alongside.

    When you start going into discussions of Mystery and 'Purpose', you start getting into philosophies and faith. I will not say they're not worth discussing, but this thread might not be the best place. I'm sure plenty of people would be up for chatting about the nature of reality itself, but since this thread begins quite firmly rooted in reality, just changing gears isn't going to spark the kind of discussion you might be looking for.

    InDubiousBattle I will definitely be following this project! Anything that empowers the generally powerless is guaranteed to catch my attention :)  
  • Color me very intrigued by this project. Anyone who's ballsy enough to actually start messing with their own genetics in a way that's not careless will have my utmost attention.
  • @ightden LOL. Way too many.
  • In a few months I may begin my own experimentation following in Dr.Zayners footsteps.  I look forward to seeing his procedure and how to be able to replicate it appropriately.  I will, if I can, expand from what he's doing and modify more.  

    I really look forward to getting to start working on this and will report my outcomes as well.
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