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I'm sure this has been discussed here many times already, but the search on this forum isn't really helpful, so I decided to start a new discussion. So recently I decided to get an NFC implant and upon looking at my hand and the placement of the implant itself I found that there is a blood vessel in the way. I've then considered a different placement on the wrist, but I'm not sure if that's the best idea since there are a lot of blood vessels there as well and I assume it would hurt way more than the usual spot between the index finger and the thumb.

I really want to put it in the usual spot because I feel like it would be the most useful there.

Alternatively I was thinking I could put it here.

What is you opinion?
Where should I put it?
Is there a way to avoid the blood vessel?
Is it actually something I should worry about?


  • I went to a piercing artist to get my Firefly implant and he was adamant about avoiding my blood vessels. Good call on your part.
    @ShankT has two NFC implants. His first was in the typical location, as is mine. He later went back to get a second on the outside of his pinky finger because the hand webbing was too difficult to scan at his front door. The typical place is easy to scan with a phone though.
    What do you want to use your implant for? If it's a portable device, like a phone, the location on your wrist seems like a fine choice but I'm no doctor. If you want building access control then the back of the hand or pinky finger might be a better option. I hope this helps.
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    Well, I see a few different options you could take here.

    1. Inject in the standard location, but rather than inserting the implanting needle from between the thumb and forefinger, insert from further back on the hand than you want the final location to be. Although most insert it down the hand towards the wrist, I can think of no reason not to insert it up the hand away from the wrist.

    2. I don't see the blood vessel as that much of an issue. Whenever I have installed my own implants I have always tented the skin and vigorously massaged the tented tissue so as to loosen underlying structures and connective tissue. In all my past experience, (3 rfid tags, and a firefly), I have had no issue. So long as you ensure that the blood vessel is not being drawn up with the tented skin you should have no issue whatsoever so long as you make sure to insert more parallel to the skins surface and not to go deeper than you need to. The short of it, if the blood vessel is not in the tent, you won't hit it.

    3. I really really like the wrist location. I placed my NFC tag in the exact location you detailed and it has only exceeded my greatest expectations. The tag has nestled down alongside the tendon to its right, but is sheltered by the bony outcropping to its left. Despite sinking, it is at most a millimeter beneath the skin and has never presented an issue with readability. I am able to easy read it with my phone, despite having a hefty case on the device (Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge in an Otterbox).

    I also have a low frequency rfid tag on the other side of the wrist that will readily read from an inch and a half. Farther down the arm, (3.5" from the wrist), I have my firefly placed directly on top of the tendons. This too has proved to be a fantastic location as the skin there is quite thin allowing the light to pass through very well. In addition, the tendons supporting the implant keep it from sinking lower.

    Hope this helps a little with your decision.

  • @McSTUFF My main use for now will just be unlocking my phone, storing my contact info (or something similar; possibly even an encrypted bitcoin wallet) and unlocking my computer. So I assume that both placements would be equally effective.

    @trybalwolf 1. So you mean implant it after the blood vessel or just approach from the other side? 

    2. Yes, I did assume that as long as the blood vessel is not in the tent it wouldn't be a problem, but I just needed someone else to reassure me because after all this is my first implant and I'm no doctor myself.

    3. Sounds like an ideal placement to me! I think this is what I'm gonna go for.

    Thank you for your help!

    I'll post here when the procedure is done. This should be sometime around the end of February.
  • Trybalwolf makes good points. I am glad to hear someone else has put one in the wrist area and that it works well.
    I unlock my work computer with an RFID in the knife-edge of my hand so I just have to lay my hand on the reader. In fact, Trybalwolf was the one who pointed me toward the reader I use every day. If that chip were in my wrist I would have to place my reader in a different location or do some serious yoga to get it in place.
    It seems like the wrist is a very good choice for you.
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