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There are two bones in the fore arm, ulna and radius. There is a gap between the two. Can one surgically implant a spacer between the two, making a view hole through the arm,  all the while not rendering the hand detrimentally unusable?


  • While there is a gap between the bones, there isn't a gap between the muscles, nerves, blood vessels, etc. Bones are really just scaffolding for all that other stuff.

    What would be the purpose of said hole anyway? Even if you didn't care at all about massive tissue damage and necrosis, you'd end up with, what, a half inch wide tunnel that's three inches deep? It would be too painful to put jewelry in, and too tight/dark to see through.
  • It is not a piercing. This would obviously be a very delicate and technical operation, but I believe it can be done. The purpose of said hole, is the hole itself. Many people have stomas, my aunt has a 4" removable stainless steel tube in her tricia, no necrosis there. As for the pain I can take it, it may hurt more than anticipated, but that's the price one must be willing to pay for the results one desires.
  • Ok I'll bite.. why do you want a hole in your arm again?

    I mean I could do without a finger, but I can't imagine cutting one off just to have nine..
  • Ima just drown this in it's crib. Hard no. Full stop. end of discussion.
  • You might want to look at how the radius and ulna articulate. There is a good space if your looking at a person in SAP, but when you rotate the forearm they end up very close together. If say it's possible, but it could interfere with your range of motion.. And you'd end up traumatizing tissue just from moving around. Yes stomas are a thing, but they really suck. Constant risk of infection etc. If this is just for aesthetic reasons its probably not worth it.
  • I also can't think of a way to really get around piercing muscle. When working on cadavers etc, you can tease away layers between muscle and kind of desperate them to create a hole. But thats a lot of muscle/tendon etc. You would probably end up fucking up hand movement.
  • Moving around muscle is tremendously traumatic for the body. Speaking from personal experience. When I had the Titanium rod put into when I broke my femur the recovery was mostly waiting for the muscles and tendons to get back in place. Before arthroscopic surgery was the norm they'd have to do more and it could take up to 5 years to heal.

    There are no major muscles where stomas are, so it's a quite different thing.
  • Been in contact arm/wrist/hand surgeons throughout the country. They all agge,it can be done. But not without the loss of range of motion and hand functionality, both of  which I'm willing to pay (sacrifice) for the sake of.
  • Hmm. Normally, I'm down with even pretty out there ideas.. But the loss of function in exchange for aesthetics seems a poor trade off to the point of being pathological. Have you looked into body dysmorphias?
  • I will have my hole! THE END JUSTIFIES THE THE MEANS!

  • @Cassox, I think your fears were just confirmed.
    @pinkpenguin, maybe your idea isn't gaining much traction here because this is an aesthetic body mod that reduces utility. Most of our mods increase functionality at the cost of aesthetics.
    My personal opinion on the matter isn't important but we do want you to be safe. There is lots of good information on here about performing home medical procedures that would be worth a read, if you're doing this yourself at home.
    I think David Blaine shoved a metal skewer through his bicep, maybe read up on endurance artists. Be safe.

  • There's no amount of "be safe" in this regard. Just don't do it. All you'll be doing is disabling yourself, likely followed by infection and then death. What david blaine is doing is nothing even close to this. This whole thread has nothing to do with grinding and so Im closing it.
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