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Years ago I smashed my pinky finger to the point where the entire nail fell off whole and intact. Upon looking at the fallen nail I had the thought, that if were to be a thumb nail or even better a big toe nail, this would make an awesome guitar pick. Now I finally smashed a big toe to the point where the nail will fall off whole and intact. Would it make a decent guitar pick?


  • I think plastic is pretty good personally...
  • I know the nail will not last as a pick for more than a few songs before it frays and is rendered useless. But being a fan of underground death metal, I guarantee that some twisted band would use it and some twisted fan of that twisted band would love to have it.
  • Try it and let us know!
  • First of all let me state that I am NOT absent mindedly mutalating myself. Those who commented on the body hole convo, kudos to those who thought possible. To those who abhoardly advised against, rest assured that it will not be done. But may I suggest pressure release valves for the ear? They would be calibrated to open at a set pressure differential, thus releaving the implantee of "wish me ear would pop". They could also be opened manually in order to drain fluid from the ear.

    Pick project proceeding as planned
  • It would be a better guitar pick if left attached to you, because then it regenerates.

    Also, there already is a "pressure release valve" for the ear.  It's called the Eustachian Tube. 
  • Is there a way to grow fingernails without fingers?
  • Thumb nail on opposite side = Best pick ever!

    Nail removed, cleaned up, shaped up, and tried out. It wasn't a  bad sound (to each their own), still intact after 37 min throw down, does show signs of wear and tare, as would be expected.

    Not going to push pick integrity any further, as to preserve its historical significance, as one of the few ideas that I have that come to full fruition.

    I'm not stupid, but obviously ignorant. Gotsta slow my roll and tone it down. Pinkpenguin out!

    P.S.- Thanks for tolerating my non-sensensical hoopla. I shall return, better informed, and less eccentric. 10001110101!
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