Reverse Aging

George Church is suggesting that within 5 or 6 years age reversal might be possible.  I think more money effort and focus should be placed on this effort.  I am concerned that the religious and the elites will prevent those not in the small group $$$$$ from achieving improved lifespan.  

George indicates they are working on 65 different tests in which they modify the epigenetic via crispr.  The epigenetics are modified via crisper to have the expression more similar to a young cell.  Thus the time clock in our cells is reset. 



  • Aging is an extremely complex subject. Some in the molecular community have suggested that it is too complicated. Others think we can easily treat it as a disease. Both sides have a very real point. Aging is complex but I also think that it is treatable.

    Studies suggest that increasing telomere length in aging mice showed a reversal of aging; it also showed well over 80% increase in cancer risk in those mice.

    I think we take more of an old school take to the aging problem. We won't understand EVERYTHING that can effect aging. But we might be able to treat the symptoms of it. This is going to require not only modifying our genome but also adding in regulatory feedback loops in as well to control those changes properly (aka avoid cancer).

    My pet project right now is showing a regulatory system would be the fix for this. I can show proof of concept work in lower organisms that can be easily modified.

    The big problem with all this. Targeting system. China just released a few studies showing that the CRISPR system is not as site-specific as we would like for humans. Actually a lot of organisms, including some bacteria, are a pain in the ass to adapt CRISPR to. This is the problem that will slow us down more than anything.

    Progress is inevitable no one, no matter how powerful, can stop this train.

    BTW anyone interested in an aging project or might know some funding sources. Give me a shout.

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