Fiber to push through meals

This is an odd idea and maybe even a very silly one.  I have the thought, after the recent holiday, that one may be able to consume large amounts of foods and then large amounts of fiber and have the food pushed through their system before they absorb any calories from it.  Now even if this alone doesn't work, what about using laxatives to push the food out even faster?

Another train of thought I'd like to entertain would be creating a bacteria that could live in our stomach and gut that would help break down our foods and digest them, but would itself consume the food and use up a significant amount of calories.  Obviously a way to remove the bacteria would need to be devised and it would also need to not hurt us (yes for weight loss just not eating is a LOT easier than making some bacteria and having it live inside you, but again I said these are some silly ideas).


  • Why not do as the Romans did, and throw up your meals before consuming more? >~<

    It's not very good for your teeth at all, but that much fiber and strain on your entire GI system sounds far more painful and damaging. :s
  • There is a such thing as illusions of Grandeur , it is good to remember , even in this lofty community of mostly scientist types ,not to mention there sure are tons on horses dead of dehydration piling up over here
  • Get yourself some konnyaku noodles
  • @RealityWizard: using laxatives as a weight loss aid is a thing that has gone on for as long as there have been laxatives. If it's that vs. anorexia or bulimia, you could do worse.

    @Zerbula: I can't tell how serious you are, but the Roman vomitorium is actually just a hallway into a stadium, and didn't involve any more vomit than hallways usually involve. But yeah, bulimia exists and is a really bad idea.

    If you are just worried about the immediate effects of feasting and not about losing lots of weight, a single meal won't affect your weight or health long-term. Those are affected by daily habits, not annual extravagances. If you gain three pounds on thanksgiving it's water weight/bloating and you will go back to your normal weight in a few days.
  • @Tekniklr ^^ the vomitorium itself was indeed a hallway to a stadium, but throwing up to indulge in more food was something that did happen, too. The Vomitorium itself was not a room for it, and that's where the misconception comes from, iirc. But it still happened... Just not in hallway entrances. >3<

    But vomit IS bad for the teeth. :-:
  • It sounds like what you are looking for is a tapeworm. It will consume enough of the food for you to begin to waste away. Then when you have lost enough weight you can remove it with medication. Sounds like a perfect idea huh?
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