Pre-Tongue Bifurcation Information Search & Scientific Planning Thread

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Hello everyone, it has been quite some time since I have found myself returning to this grand place. I hope this finds you all well.

I have become increasingly fascinated with the process of tongue bifurcation over the past year and have decided that this modification is something I would like to have. I am particularly interested in changes in dexterity possible with two independently controllable tines of the tongue. 
There are questions I have, and I will be researching and getting to the root of these mysteries to the best of my ability.

The questions I have floating around my mind currently are as listed here.
(These are listed in no particular order)
 Question 1: "How do the differing tongue bifurcation methods affect the healing process, and are there significant differences in the dexterity of the post-modification tongue as well?"
- Answer(s) 1: TBD

Question 2: "What would be an efficient set of tongue motility assessment techniques and protocols for both before and after modfication?" 
-Answer(s) 2: A start even if it is older research at this point I feel this provides a good look into pre modification data collection methods
-Answer 2  ... continued this video has information on procedures to assess tactile sensory skills related to speaking, chewing, and swallowing. Tests include tactile sensitivity, tactile acuity, two-point discrimination, tactile localization, and tactile extinction. 

This is a work in progress and I am absolutely looking for feedback, information, advice, suggestions, references, and any other productive contribution to this doscussion.

P.S. Look out I intend to regularly update this thread with new information/developments/data gathered.

-Sincerely, Hyrulean


  • I have always thought of tongue bifurcation as a cosmetic mod. Is there a benefit to splitting beyond appearance?

    My first thought was that cutting back the frenulum to let the tongue stick out farther would be a greater benefit and less noticeable. Plus, who doesn’t like ice cream cones?

    Can you expand on what you want to do with a bifurcated tongue? I appreciate the methodical approach to this mod so much.
  • I don't think we gain anything by discounting things as "merely" cosmetic mods. Tongue bifurcation is more utilitarian than firefly implants (you can learn to operate the sides of your tongue independently) yet everyone seems on board with them.
  • @tekniklr, I should have phrased better because I want to know the advantages. No one has ever told me the benefits of a bifurcated tongue and now I'm curious.
    I have a Firefly myself and I have said it's just cosmetic. I once tried to find a keyhole in the dark and I had better luck with my bare hands. Still, I love it.

  • I don't have a bifurcated tongue, but I have read that with practice you can get dextrous enough to pick things up with the sides of your tongue. That's of questionable utility, but it is pretty cool.
  • That's damn cool!
    I imagine that fidgeting with a split tongue would be entertaining. All day I play with pens and it's pretty obvious when I'm stressed so maybe nervous people could entertain themselves more covertly.
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