Being stopped and interrogated at the airport about your implants.

Has this happened to anyone?

I have two RFID chips and some metal body jewelry, and have made it through the US airport security just fine without setting off the metal detectors.
However, I'm currently planning a few more 'serious' implants that have a bit more metal and flashing lights. If the airport security stopped you and brought you to the interrogation room, how would you explain your implants?



  • "Hello sir, why am I being detained?"
    (we detected blahh blahh blahh) 
    "Okay well I have implants inside me that contain metal so thats probably why the metal detector went off"
    "I have implants *shows implants* Now that I have explained that to you I also know my rights Id like to know if I'm being detained or if Im free to go."
    (insert bullshit to keep you longer) 
    "If i am being detained I have the right to know what Im being charged with, so am I being detained or am I free to go?"

    **Insert the right to exercise 4th, 5th and 6th amendment rights as needed**

  • The part of this to me that I find extremely interesting, amusing, and a potential issue at first are the full body scanners. If you have implants and the TSA is actually paying enough attention to notice small metallic objects in the body that do not look like a joint replacement it may be an issue you have to deal with until they understand what is going on.

    And after it becomes more mainstream, its possible that only one or two implants may be more suspicious than having a bunch all over the place.

    I hope that someone does encounter an over-zealous TSA agent and puts the story up here for us to discuss.
  • Something like the Northstar, I could see this happening. They are not going to pick up on Magnets and/or the typical RFID chip.

    They will just wand you more then likely - you may even get lucky and get a bit of touchy feely time.
  • My RFID has never been picked up in any of their scanners
  • Northstar haver here, I've always opted for the Freedom Fondle aka
    patdown, to avoid the scanners in general. They might go through fine,
    but I'm never on a flight I can just 'throw away' if the TSA picks it up
    and freaks. Never had an issue with the patdowns.
  • The full body scanners are designed to penetrate clothing but not skin, so any implants that are under your skin should remain undetected by them. (Also, there are two separate types of body scanners, one of which is probably less safe than the other, if safety is a concern over privacy)

    The metal detectors detect largish ferrous objects, but an implanted magnet is too small for any metal detectors I've used. I've had jury duty since getting my magnet, and courthouse metal detectors are often more sensitive than TSA metal detectors, and my magnet still wasn't detected.
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    On a recent trip to South America I was stopped on a layover in Bogota Colombia. They let me through but it took an extra minute. It's a minor inconvenience to have two xNT implants and a magnet on international flights but it's not terrible. They let you through once you explain yourself and they wand you. It's funny because I've never been questioned or stopped on a domestic flight and I opt for the full body scanner everytime.
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