Power Generation with Polypropylene Ferroelectret Nanogenerator (FENG)

So I was browsing the interwebz, and I saw this in my feed. 

They have demonstrations of the researchers pushing on the device and lighting up 20 leds just by pushing on it (admittedly quite forcefully). What do you guys think?

Also if anybody has the means to tear down this paywall it would be much appreciated! 


  • @ChrisBot to view paid Journals you can try sci-hub.cc

    Just copy the link article and put it in the text box on that site.

    (I have tried and it appears to work but I don't assure anything.)
  • This actually interests me alot. It was something I had, admittedly, dreamed about, being able to generate and then store power passively. Now if this would work a way to safely store it in the body would be my next avenue of interest.

    Im quite strapped for cash atm BUT as this is exactly what my goal entering the grinding community has been, I will take down the pay wall in the new year when i get the money from my medical bonus for work. (love having advanced first aid for this :D ) maybe just shoot me a message or a reminder. If it explains how to make them or anything we can use to engineer one, id definitely be down to try this my self. However im kind of curious, If its installed subdermaly then how is power transferred in a safe manner within the body? Would it be a simple bio compatible coating around a thin wire from the device to where it is used, (im assuming its not in the fingers) (the coating obviously couldn't be conductive). Then is it a transdermal point that is conductive to move it out of the skin to the device? Im quite excited and curious :D

    Thanks for showing this to me, Its made my day.
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    Here's the paper: 

    If anyone needs papers from behind paywalls, hit me up, I can access a lot of stuff via my university.
  • Thank you very much Aeris. I look forward to reading this as soon as i get a free moment.

  • No problem, I'm glad to help.
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